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A big thanks to all the fantastic authors and publishers who have sent me books! I am excited but overwhelmed with this TBR pile, so I am currently closed to any new reviews queries. In the meantime, please subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with all the exciting features coming later in 2019.

Currently Closed
Send Me Your Lit

I get a lot of queries, so please read all my guidelines before you email.

I can't review every book I receive, so I pick whatever most catches my eye. Blow me away with your query and I'll contact you if I'm able to conduct a video and written review.

I am currently accepting books in the following genres only:

- Dark erotica and bdsm (not romance!)

-Extreme Horror (think Ed Lee, Jack Ketchum, Bentley Little)

-Bizarro Fiction (the more inappropriate the better)

To submit, send your best query to:

Subject: Review Query _Title_Last Name

Attach: A mobi and PDF file of your book.

Indicate if you're willing to provide a paperback for a promotional video giveaway.

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