Wine. Illuminati Rituals. The Akashic Records. And hardcore interracial BSDM ...

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Wine. Illuminati sex parties. The Akashic Records. And hardcore interracial BSDM. Sounds like a pretty standard Tuesday…

And to think, it all started because I got the urge to do some fiction writing of my own. Truth be told, I am more of a reader than a writer. It's a heck of a lot easier to read, enjoy, and review what others have written than to create something on your own, something that has never existed before, and paint a picture of that thing using only words. That's why authors impress me; much respect. But I saw an erotic horror submission call, and after some encouraging words from the publisher and some authors, I thought maybe I could whip something up ;) Yeah... that excitement lasted about five minutes before I hit the brick-wall known as writer’s block.

Then I remembered an article I read a few weeks back about a universal storehouse. It was referred to as the Akashic Records. In theosophy, this hall of records is said to exist on the non-physical plane of our reality, and it contains all human events—past, present, and future. This includes all the thoughts and ideas that humans have ever had or ever will have. Sounds impressive, right? Kinda like wifi, I guess.... the signal is in the air, but you can't see it or touch it. All you need is the correct password and then you can tap into the signal of that realm and use it for your benefit. In my case, I was hoping to channel some creativity for my erotic horror story. There doesn’t seem to be much proof that these Akashic Records exist beyond some New-Age gurus and metaphysical spiritualists, but hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time. And yes, I was already one glass in on a new bottle of Provenzano, which may have had something to do with the decision.

Three glasses later and I learned that wine is not the key to unlocking this metaphysical vault where all ideas flow from. But it was helpful in securing a nice buzz. So, with head swimming, I proceeded to watch selected parts of Eyes Wide Shut instead, hoping for inspiration to blossom. Why Eyes Wide Shut? For some reason, the costumes in the masquerade scene mixed with Jocelyn Pook's "Masked Ball" composition really get my blood pumping. And since this is suppose to be an erotic piece of fiction, maybe I just needed to get into a sexy state of mind. Well...while the wine and Eyes Wide Shut did get me thinking erotically, none of it materialized into me putting my pen to paper. It did however leave me with a strong desire to attend an illuminati sex party…more on that later ;)

I realized that maybe there was something else blocking my creative juices. And eventually it dawned on me that it had to do with finally finishing 400 Days of Oppression by Wrath James White. I am almost at a loss as what to say about this book--though I did enjoy dressing up with my pet and if you haven’t seen the photos, please check them out.

400 Days is a BDSM novel to the extreme. It revolves around an interracial couple, Natasha and Kenyatta, and is definitely the type of story that might offend some people. But love it or hate it, the plot is unique—at least it’s a concept that I’ve never seen before. Natasha is smitten by Kenyatta, the dark, handsome god of a man who seems to have it all in life. Natasha wants him bad, and Kenyatta, of course, is the dominant character. Pretty standard so far. Kenyatta decides to offer a dangerous wager before he’ll commit forever by marrying Natasha. Still, relatively standard.

Now here comes the twist! Kenyatta’s bondage game is 400 days long and each day will simulate one year of the oppression his ancestors endured. His belief being that if Natasha can survive the game, without using the safe word, she’ll be the first white girl who truly understands Kenyatta and what it means to be black. For example, one scenario has her in a coffin that is suspended by chains to simulate the dark, cramped, and swaying quarters slaves endured while crossing the ocean by boat. Kenyatta comes up with many other clever mini-games which include putting her up for “sale” at a bondage auction after she gets off the “boat” to become a “house slave”.

It’s uncomfortable to read at times, but still super genius and subversive. If you enjoy the novel, you’ll likely still feel uncomfortable at some parts. I know there are several people out there who will be highly offended by the subject matter. If that’s you, then stay clear of this book and check out Wrath’s poetry instead. Regardless of your opinion though, 400 Days is still a unique concept, and despite the brutality, it’s still seriously erotic at times too! So much of what I read these days—and watch ;)—is very cliché. Naughty teacher. Naughty step-daughter. Hell, I’m a sucker for the naughty librarian as you can see. But when I sat down to think about what kind of erotic horror story I would write, I realized that it was probably going to be a cliché scenario. Do I really want want to write a cliché? Or do I want to create a powerhouse punch to the gut’s of readers, similar to what 400 Days of Oppression did to me.

Which would be better? Attempting to turn readers on sexually while at the same time forcing them to contemplate dark and unsettling aspects of themselves and humanity… OR just give the standard M.I.L.F/Teen scene, where the step-mom walks in on her step-daughter and her boyfriend…and well, you know what happens next...

The M.I.L.F.s teaching teens plot line sounds dirty and fun. But it isn’t exactly impactful on multiple levels to the viewer…or in this case, the reader. Hence my dilemma and ensuing writer’s block.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how my story turns out, but in the meantime, consider reading something that makes you a little uncomfortable. There are some things you simply should read. Aristotle once said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I agree.

Maybe I can write a full review on 400 Days one day. Until then… aren't you curious about Kenyatta's safe word?

Either way…Stay weird. Stay Kind. And Subscribe for more fun!


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