What is the Occult?

Calling all Witches, Magicians, & Occultists, I want to hear your story!

Redrum Reviews is looking to feature articles, blogs, or just fun stories about your experience and beliefs about any topics pertaining to the occult.

Your writing can focus on:

Alchemy, Mysticism, Astrology, tarot, and Divination, Angels and Demons, Lost worlds and ancient peoples, physic powers, religion, pseudoscience and healing powers, spells and sigils, or whatever the term “occult” means to you.

Please limit your submission to no more than 2,500 words

If you’re interested, send me an email with your article/blog attached as a Word doc to nikkinoirreviews@gmail.com

This is not a paying submission. It’s a guest blog spot where you can share your personal insight and experience into the world of the occult. At the end of your article, I will link to your website or book for promotional purposes. I hope to run all the submissions during the month of September and October to help get everyone into the supernatural spirit for Halloween 2020!

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