Surprise! It's a new book...

S.C. Mendes and myself are excited—and just a little sad—to announce the release of our collaborative novelette Algorithm of the Gods on Dec. 8th! It’s a fast- paced, dark sci-fi thriller about virtual reality and the black market.

Why are we a little sad?

Our original plan was to release The Lockdown on this date. Unfortunately, not much has gone as planned in 2020. No matter what you believe about the pandemic itself, the path society took had drastic effects on some people, industries, and states more than others. We happen to fall into the camp of those who had their lives and day jobs completely altered. As a result, we were unable to complete The Lockdown. We’ll continue to work on the manuscript though, and when the time is right…you’re in for a treat!

Our readers are so awesome about leaving reviews and supporting us, that we couldn’t just cancel a book on them without having something to replace it. Enter Algorithm of the Gods. It's noir. It’s dark sci-fi. It’s got a kickass lady in it. And I am very proud to have had a small hand in creating it.

If you pre-ordered The Lockdown, you will now receive Algorithm of the Gods in its place. If you’re a fan of straight forward horror only, I understand returning the Kindle order. However, we hope you give this one a try, especially if you’re a fan of The City.

You can also catch both of us in Robert Essig's anthology Chew on This!

I’ll put these details out in my newsletter as well. If you’re not subscribed, please do because you don’t want to miss future announcements.

- Nikki

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