Sick Fux by Tillie Cole

Sick Fux A Review By Eleanor Merry

Tick tock.

There are some books that stick with you long after you read them. Certain scenes that will flash into your mind when you are least expecting them, bringing you back to that moment you first entered the world created by the book. To me, that is a sign of an amazing novel, and without a doubt, Sick Fux delivers this. Fair warning though, this is not a story for the faint of heart and is darker than most horror stories I've ever read. It is a perfect example of how blood, sex, and revenge can combine to make the perfect horror-romance.

Sick Fux opens with two children, Ellis and Heathen, who are as different as can be. Ellis is a sweet, Alice in Wonderland-obsessed child. Heathen, however, is dark and broody with an innate bloodlust which was discovered at a young age. Only the lovely Ellis has ever been able to get close to him. Heathen names her Dolly, for her adorable childlike appearance and fascination with the fantasy world of her own making. He is her Rabbit, carrying her along on their adventures through their own make-believe Wonderland.

Ellis and Heathen get thrust into a world of horrific circumstance and find themselves separated for years. The things done to these children will break even the blackest of hearts. Heathen finally returns to save Ellis eleven years later from the horrible world in which she resides, where he finds a shell of the lovely girl he once knew. Slowly but surely, he pulls Ellis out of her mental prison to reveal his perfect evil counterpartDolly.

This was not an easy read in many ways. The things these characters go through as children shape the story and their own futures in a terrible, yet perfect, way. Ellis, or Dolly, is a dynamic and twisted character that ebbs and flows throughout the story, battling with her own inner demons. Heathen is the perfect anti-hero and despite his deep-seated and sick desires, his care and love for his sweet Dolly is evident. Together, they kill and fuck their way to a perfect conclusion and end to a fantastic story.

Micky and Mallory Knox. Bonnie and Clyde. Joker and Harley Quinn...

Ellis and Heathen (AKA. Dolly and Rabbit) from Sick Fux deserve a spot with these epic and twisted couples.

Sick Fux is, at its core, a revenge story, motivated by love and darkness. Two sick fucks who have endured horrifying things and must find their own place in the world. With a twisted Wonderland theme, this is a unique, vivid and fast-paced story you will not be able to put down.

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Eleanor Merry was born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, BC and still lives there with her tiny human and her fiance. The offspring of a fairy queen and an undead warlord, she was brought up with an appetite for terror and beauty. When she isn’t writing, she is a voracious reader with eclectic tastes which tends to lean towards horror and the twisted, however is known to indulge in dirty romances on the side. Her influences include authors such as Brian Keene, Mark Tufo, Richard Laymon and Tillie Cole. In all genres, nothing is off limits and she looks forward to sharing more of her own twisted and strange thoughts with the world.

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