Mother's Boys by Daniel I. Russell

Updated: Jul 10

I’ll never look at a cheese grater the same way…

A blurb from David C. Hayes described the book in the following way: “Take one part Sid Vicious, one part H.P. Lovecraft and shake.” That’s a pretty accurate description of Mother’s Boys. Only, I’m not sure if Sid Vicious was as bad as the albino antagonist Johan and his group of boys. They are a nasty crew who delight in manipulating and torturing women. Though the Sex Pistols reference could also be referring to Natalie, the main character who leads a punkrock lifestyle. From piercings, tattoos, and dreadlocks, Natalie has done everything she can to stand out from the crowd.

Walking home late one night after work, Natalie witnesses Johan’s crew murder a prostitute. In a panic, she flees and the sewer is her best route for escape. As she pushes deeper into the network of tunnels, she stumbles into a secret lair that is just as horrifying as the murderers searching for her. What unfolds next is an action-packed novel with a lot of heart and a lot of gore. The most impressive part is probably how Russell makes each character come alive. If you don’t want any spoilers, go get a copy of MB now. This is a severely original premise by Daniel I Russell and I promise you will be entering new ground in the extreme genre. If you’re ready for a few more twists, then I guess you can read on…

The lair is home to family of mutants. Some more hideous than others. And it just so happens that the murdered prostitute is the mother of this sewer-dwelling family, doing her best to provide a living for her boys. Natalie finds herself trapped and unsure where her best bet for safety lies. The monsters above or the mutants below.

There are more twists waiting and I cannot spoil them. However, I will say that the family is devastated and pissed when they find out what Johan and his boys did to their mother, setting up an all-out battle between the two sides. If you want extreme horror that can deliver powerful character development while still making you cringe, come get your freak on! Sid Vicious and Lovecraft. X-men and Ed Lee. Whatever combo you, choose Russell and Blood Bound Books have a serious winner. It was one of the few extreme horror novels that left me with a really great feeling at the end…

Though I still can't look at a cheese grater without cringing

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