If you read Watchers of the Black Rite, you were left on quite a cliffhanger, not to mention, you probably have some questions about how the deep state and dark occultists uncovered the two-thousand-year-old mystery.

Fear not, all has been revealed and you can read the Black Planet series for FREE on Wattpad! Their platform is made for reading, so it made sense to publish the book there rather than my blog.

After talking with the publisher for my next manuscript, they explained that the style of Black Planet is more fit for a serialized novel. They will assist me in cover creations and publishing each installment in paperback and e-book editions.

Each book will resolve a major conflict, so no more insane cliffhangers like Watchers, but the overall mystery will still have its hooks in you. This will stay true to my original desire of having each book wrap more like a TV season, while still honoring readers who need a little resolution when the close a book.

There are currently four installments with more to come. The first of these is available now on Wattpad. The following three will be released every two weeks. I really want to honor everyone who took a chance on my first book on Amazon by allowing them to enjoy the series for free. Do me one favor—okay three favors, but they’re super easy. Follow me on Wattpad, give the story a star if you like it, and comment if you have something to say.

For those of you who prefer paperback, you may have to wait until Halloween. Speaking of which, to prepare for All Hallow’s Eve, take a look at my occult submission call.

Thanks for the support!




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