Updated: Oct 5, 2020

**Updated 10/5/2020**

Since this original blog posted in June, I've been through more twists and struggles. Originally, I thought Wattpad would be the best place to house the serialization of Black Planet. I'm sure it's great for some authors, but Wattpad didn't work out for me as expected. That's okay. I'm happy to announce that I've found a way to reach even more readers and still keep some content free.

You can now read the first season of Black Planet for FREE on Apple, Kobo, Nook and more. Just click the logo below. I'm so happy to be wide on many different platforms.

**Kindle** won't list as free, but the other platforms are.

If you prefer paperback or a single ebook housing the first 4 seasons, then you can pre-order them here. Blood Bound Books will be publishing the physical edition as well as the single Kindle. I'm happy to be working with them, but I'm also happy to be able to share all the seasons as solo books on various platforms as I know how many people are trying to break away from Amazon.

Here are the universal links for each book: CorpsePaint & RabbitHole, Watchers of the Black Rite,

Sex Murder Glue, One Last Caress

Thanks for the support!



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