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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

They say you should learn at least one new word every day. Apotemnophilia. That was mine today. If you already know what that is, congratulations, you have out-kinked me and I thought I was pretty knowledgeable! Allow me to share how the universe brought this word into my life...

Civil War Amputee Procedures

I started a crazy horror novel this month called Body Art by Kristopher Triana. Cannot wait to see how this one ends, but I had to post something before finishing when I came across apotemnophilia. You see, the main character Kandi Heart is an aging porn star and in an attempt to get her career back on track, she accepts a bizarre job opportunity offered by a director she worked with in the 80s, Rutger Malone. The catch is she can’t know what the film is about or what direction any of the sex will take. I just finished the scene where she is assigned to masturbate while a naked male named Carl is strapped to a surgical table. Carl is tugging on his meat stick while a surgeon ties a rubber band around his other bicep.

Kandi figures this is just a medical fetish scene until the surgeon begins slicing into Carl’s upper arm. She falters at bit, but keeps rubbing her clit at the insistence of Rutger who is filming everything. Turns out this is going way beyond just a cutter’s fantasy. The surgeon eventually amputates Carl’s arm with a circular power saw. As the blade cuts through his humerous, Carl continues tugging his cock with the other hand while watching Kandi and her wet vagina. As his arm is completely severed, he orgasms ropes of thick cum.

So yeah, apotemnophilia is the desire to become an amputee or disabled in some way. I never would have thought that the fetish would center on the act of becoming an amputee. I figured the focus was on the end result—just being an amputee, the feel once you’re healed from the accident. Congrats to Triana for making me think and cringe at the same time.

It’s like Tim Morse of Anal Cunt said: “I never knew something so twisted could turn me on so much!”

Whatever your kink, stay safe and consensual!

Now I’m on to the next chapter. Wish me luck... And Subscribe for more fun!


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