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Today we chat with Matthew Weber

Nikki: What’s your most extreme or most bizarro fantasy? Weber: In light of these divided political times, I'd like to see a nationally televised Presidential debate where everyone in attendance has secretly been dosed with bath salts. As the rhetoric heats up, people from the "extreme right" and "extreme left" lose grip on the last vestiges of their sanity and attack the opposing side in a cannibalistic frenzy. Throats are ripped apart, tongues wrenched out by the root, eyeballs plucked and stomped flat. The whole place devolves into an orgy of blood until no one is left breathing. Maybe then, having witnessed such unfettered horror on TV, the nation as a whole can take a breath, see a better way, and then perhaps objective reason and independent thought will return to public discourse.

Nikki: What real-world environment is most terrifying to you? Why? Weber: The political environment for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election feels like the closest we've come in my lifetime to something like the fantasy described above actually coming true. I'm raising three young kids in this scary world, and the election feels like the moment of culmination from the triple threat of the pandemic, the struggling economy, and social unrest. The nation is starkly divided in half, and I wonder how those two halves will react when one side is ultimately disappointed in the election outcome.

Nikki: Tell us about your story in Welcome to the Club? What inspired it? Weber: One of my greatest fears is something terrible happening to one of my kids while at school, and I'm not around to help them. That was the inspiration for "Code Black", my "monster on the loose in a high school" story. I fleshed it out by setting it in my usual small town of Trapper Valley and populating it with a couple of recurring characters from my back catalog of short stories.

Nikki: What does Splatterpunk or bizarro fiction mean to you? And is it a big part of you as an author?

Weber: Splatterpunk to me is horror on steroids. Trim the fat and leave just the red meat. Expect explicit violence and depravity. Splatterpunk is not meant to be subtle or dance around its message. You're here to be horrified, not "spooked" or to feel mild unease, and Splatterpunk will pull no punches to horrify you.

I also play bass in a punk band, and splatterpunk has a similar appeal to me as punk music or heavy metal. It's stripped down to juiciest parts to deliver "less talk, more rock" for readers who like their fiction played fast and loud. Nikki: If there’s one thing you’d want readers to know about you or the mission of your work, what would it be?

Weber: I think the best stories pivot on strongly developed central characters, so I'm always trying to flesh out those players to make my narratives more engaging. I hope that shines through.

Nikki: What’s your next project and where can we stalk you?

Weber: In March 2021, my horror/thriller novel Bobcats is scheduled for release by Silver Shamrock Publishing. I call it a "coming-of-age tale of survival." I'm currently working on the artwork of my second children's book. I've not decided its title yet, but it involves a five-year-old boy, an army of mutant worms, and a giant monster fish.

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