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Today we chat with Matthew Vaughn

Nikki: What’s your most extreme or most bizarro fantasy? Feel free to follow up on why you never will never act it out in real life?

Vaughn: I wouldn't say I have any crazy fantasies. Unless you count my dream of society being destroyed in some apocalyptic fashion and forcing us to live in some Mad Max style, wasteland of a world. It would be nice if something happened that puts the world into eternal fall-like weather, so its not too hot or too cold while we have to fight cannibal mutants over spoiled old food at the local abandoned Wal-Mart.

Nikki: What real-world environment is most terrifying to you? Why?

Vaughn: Anytime I have to get up in front of people and speak. I almost failed an English class in high school because I refused to get up in front of the class. Playing music live is the only time I can really get up in front of people, but I'm usually a nervous mess before hand.

Nikki: Tell us about your story in Welcome to the Club? What inspired it?

Vaughn: There was originally a call for a splatter in space anthology, and when I saw it I immediately came up with this sex driven, space adventure. Edward Lee was the main inspiration behind the story though. I've been slowly reading through his bibliography and just felt inspired to try to write something gross, and over the top. I know I didn't achieve close to Lee status, but I had fun with it.

Nikki: What does Splatterpunk or bizarro fiction mean to you? And is it a big part of you as an author?

Vaughn: I first discovered Bizarro fiction about 10 or 11 years ago I think. I was already trying to seriously write, but I was trying for a more literary approach. Then I discovered books by Jeremy Robert Johnson, William Pauley III, and Carlton Mellick III and they aligned so well with my interests in music and movies and comics. It opened me up to the idea of writing outside the norm, and that there were people out there that were interested in reading that sort of thing. After trying for a few books I discovered I wasn't very good at writing bizarro and I've since quit reading the genre. I spend more time with splatterpunk and extreme horror now and I feel like it's helped me to find my place as an author.

Nikki: If there’s one thing you’d want readers to know about you or the mission of your work, what would it be?

Vaughn: I'm not here to turn the literary world on its head. I'm all about some mindless entertainment. I like to write books that you can just turn your brain off, sit back and get drunk while you read them. Maybe you'll laugh, maybe you'll be a little grossed out, but hopefully you're having a good time.

Nikki: What’s your next project and where can we stalk you? 

Vaughn: I've been slowly working on a book called The Kentucky Goatman Murders, loosely based off the Pope Lick Monster legend here in Kentucky. Hopefully I'll be releasing it before the years up. Also, at least one, maybe two more short stories based around my Hellsworld Hotel novella should be coming out soonish.

I'm terrible with social media, so stalking me would be super boring, but I have my Twitter @mcvaughn138 and Instagram M_F_N_Black_Skull_of_Death that I post on occasionally.

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