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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The Splatter Club's first anthology is about to drop and being one of the contributing authors, I've got a front row seat to the insanity! Please join my exclusive, splattery interviews with the cast and crew of this extreme anthology.

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Today we chat with John McNee

Nikki: Tell us about your cooking channel

McNee: A Recipe for Nightmares is a culinary journey through the recipes of horror icon Vincent Price. I got a copy of his legendary cookbook, 'A Treasury of Great Recipes' a few years ago, but realised I would probably never cook anything out of it unless I was filming it and putting it online for people to see. I thought it might also be another good platform on which to subtly market my own books. There have been 20 episodes so far, tackling some niche and frankly bizarre recipes ranging from Welsh Rabbit to Elfo's Special, Scandinavian Fruit Soup and Fish Pudding (tastier than you might expect).

Nikki: What real-world environment is most terrifying to you? Why?

McNee: A nudist colony. I don't think it would be my jam.

Nikki: Tell us about your story in Welcome to the Club? What inspired it?

McNee: It's a very, very simple idea. I think many of us, especially living in city-centre flats, have been annoyed by noisy neighbours partying loudly into the night and dreamed about how we might take revenge, if we only had the power. My story 'Splatter Party' runs with that thought and takes it to its most sadistic extreme.

Nikki: What does Splatterpunk or bizarro fiction mean to you? And is it a big part of you as an author?

McNee: All this terminology has become a bit vague and confused. 'Splatterpunk' really meant something when it was coined in the 1980s but now it's hard to say. Generally speaking, I don't like writing with limitations, at least in terms of ideas. Give me a word count limit and that's fine, but when I began submitting horror stories I saw many editors/publishers stating things like 'no sexual assault, no blasphemy, no gore'. Those kinds of limitations are not conducive to good horror. At the same time, I'm not the kind of guy who writes gore for gore's sake. I love blood in my horror, but I want there to be a kernel of an interesting idea behind it. Splatterpunk done right is exactly the kind of horror fiction I care about: grotesque but thoughtful.

Nikki: If there’s one thing you’d want readers to know about you or the mission of your work, what would it be?

McNee: I'm not interested in scaring people. I want to entertain. I think there's something wonderfully seductive about horror, about the darkest realms of the human imagination which most people are loathe to venture into. My work is dark and disturbing but, I hope, in an enriching way. I feel that a lot of horror today is geared towards making the audience have a bad time that leaves them feeling bad. I want my readers to have a good time. And I hope they have a good time with 'Splatter Party'.

Nikki: What’s your next project and where can we stalk you? 

McNee: I'm working on a new novel which is not horror. I'm not sure what genre it's in. It might best be described as exploitation-satire-bizarro-sci-fi, but it's not horror. It is excessively violent, however, so it has that in it's favour. I have stories due to be published soon in CHEW ON THIS! from Blood Bound Books and ONE OF US: A TRIBUTE TO FRANK MICHAELS ERRINGTON. I can be found easily by searching for John McNee on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and YouTube.


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