Interview with Candace Nola

Noir: Tell us a bit about Uncomfortably Dark and describe your brand of horror

Nola: Uncomfortably Dark is my brand and my mission statement of sorts. I like to bring out the most uncomfortable side of the human experience. The nightmares, the trauma, the pain and the obstacles that people must overcome in order to achieve greatness, no matter what greatness means to them, even if it means just getting through another day. There is a lot to be said for the “fun” type of horror, the zombies, the half-naked pretty girl running through the woods or monsters coming after you but it’s the darker side of life that truly makes us uncomfortable. The acts that humans can commit, day after day, behind closed doors, these are the things that readers do not wish to see but they must. In order for it to be brought to light, the darkness must be shed.

Noir: What’s your darkest fantasy? And why will you never act it out in real life? Or have you...?

Nola: Dark Fantasy......hmmm. Well, I have entertained a few of those in my head, but they are not for the ears of the sane or the young. I think that everyone has thought about hurting someone or has wished for the demise of someone that has hurt them. I know sexual fantasies are a thing that everyone has but rarely will anyone act out their darkest ones. Most people feel shame to even admit they have less than normal fantasies or fetishes, but I also think it is part of what makes us human. Often, those that have experienced the darkest side of humanity will also experience the darkest fantasies, which is perfectly normal and a well-known side effect of trauma at a young age.

Noir: What real-world situation terrifies you the most?

Nola: Not many things scare me anymore but if I had to choose one, any of my children being in danger would scare me the most as well as bring my most fierce side out. Mothers will do almost anything to protect their children, no matter their age and regardless of the danger to themselves. I am no exception to that rule.

Noir: Of all the character’s you’ve created, do you have a favorite and why?

Nola: I am very new to the writing field and only have two books to my credit so far, but the main character in Breach, named Laraya, is a favorite because she is very likable and grows into her courage and finds herself along the way as the story progresses. By the end of the story, she is much stronger and much more empowered within herself and more accepting of her past trauma.

My current work in progress is quickly becoming a favorite though. It is a story centered around the very darkest evil we can imagine, and a man named Hank Flynn is at the heart of this story. Hank is quite a character and I think by the time I finish this novel; he will be my favorite.

Noir: If there’s one thing you want readers to know about you or the mission of your work, what would it be?

Nola: My writing is my voice. I have never been a great speaker in life, having been born with a bad stutter. I hated speaking as a child and became very quiet, very introverted. I lived in books and read everything I could get my hands on. My writing became an extension of myself by the time I was eleven years old and was far more eloquent than I could ever be in real life. Even though I have mostly overcome the stutter now, I still struggle with it as an adult and my writing still carries a much stronger voice than my physical voice ever will.

As far as my mission, I want to bring people out of their comfort zone, into the dark, into the most uncomfortable situations that they can imagine. I want them to face their own fears, their most disturbing thoughts and find the courage to overcome them, both mentally and physically. Fear is in our heads, if we can find a way to overcome it on the inside, then we will be able to overcome it on the outside.

Noir: What’s your next project and where can we stalk you?

Nola: As I stated above, Hank Flynn is my current work in progress and will be a full-length novel. I hope to release that in June of this year, with two more novels and a short story collection to be released over the summer, and late fall.

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