Holy Coloring Book, Batman!

Updated: Jul 10

What color should I use for his Trans Am?

I'm no doctor, but if I were, I'd prescribe all my overworked and underappreciated patients a heavy dose of adult coloring, two times a day! Maybe it's a good thing I'm not a doctor...

But honestly, I did some research and it turns out that adult coloring goes back to the late psychologist Carl Jung. He believed it would help his patient's access their subconscious mind and aid in self discovery. Though I don't think Jung could ever have imagined this...

Body Art: The Coloring Book is unlike anything I have seen before either. To be clear, BODY ART is an extreme horror novel by Kristopher Triana. And the novel is excellent! Five bloody stars--if you haven't read my review yet, what are you waiting for?! Anyway, this coloring book is based off that novel. I read an article from the publisher explaining that the concept was similar to the coloring books in the 80s and 90s that retold a popular movie like The Ghostbusters or Gremlins.

Having read the novel by Triana, I can say the artist nailed it! This coloring book contains the most crucial (and extreme) scenes from book and retells the novel, wrapping everything up by the final image.

There are thirty-five illustrations in all. In terms of quality, the artwork is absolutely amazing. Clear and detailed. There is a blank page after each illustration, I assume this is so you don’t mar the next picture if you have a heavy hand. But I've colored several pages and had no problem since the paper has a good thickness to it. That being said, I use colored pencils and crayons. If you use markers, you might want to put another sheet of paper underneath as it may bleed through. I also love the feel of the matte finish on the cover!

This coloring book is fun and great therapy too. I seriously can't explain it. It's like being a cute pure kid again and yet a hardcore horror addict at the same time! Haha. Kinda like...

And that's so much better than acting out any of your pent up aggression in unhealthy ways. Oddly, I've been seeing this book on more ladies pages than guys . Like the beautiful The.Grave.Ghoul featured below (be sure to follow this gothic dream girl on Instagram). But seriously, boys, don't be scared; it's okay for men to color ;)

I can't even...

I highly recommend getting your copy from Blood Bound Books today! And when you do, please share your pics on social media and tag me in them. I really want to see everyone's art!

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