Girl Like a Bomb by Autumn Christian (Review)

Updated: Jul 10

Where to begin? I had no idea what to expect when I received this ARC. Clash Books does a lot of bizarro and erotic titles, some horror poetry, and apparently trash panda readings. But what exactly was Girl Like a Bomb supposed to be?

When high schooler Beverly Sykes finally loses her virginity, it’s like an explosion going off inside her. Ladies, you know the feeling when your entire body quakes and you experience nirvana. Well, at least I thought I knew. But Beverly’s explosion is clearly different than anything I’ve experienced. Because the first guy she fucks named Spider—he sounds like a real winner, right?—feels this explosion too. And afterwards, Beverly doesn’t want a boyfriend, she just wants that feeling again. She wants to fuck.

So, now I’m thinking I’ve got a bit of a teenage angst/erotic novel going on. However, it takes an odd turn. As young Beverly works her way through one bad boy after another, she finds out that after experiencing her bomb-like orgasms, the boys she has sex with aren’t so bad anymore. In fact, she fucks them into happiness and success. At one point, a boy attacks her and tries to examine her like she’s some kind of freak because he’s heard the rumors and he wants to know what she is and where her powers come from. Beverly’s friend even notes: “When people have sex with you, they’re never the same. But in a good way. A curse in reverse. Haha.”

At this point, Girl Like a Bomb is almost like a bizarro novel—young girl has sex with men and changes them with powerful pussy explosions! But that’s not quite accurate either. Because Girl Like a Bomb is way smarter and more powerful than any bizarro novel I’ve read as of yet—granted I’m new to the genre.

Autumn Christian has written a wonderful and weird, deeply moving saga about a young girl who discovers a power within herself, and the novel follows Beverly’s trials and tribulations as she grows into an adult. How weird is it? Well, Beverly becomes a stripper at one point, saving lost men who drift into her night club, turning them into upright citizens again; eventually she falls in with the president and literally tries to fuck the world, using her power for good, and all the while millions of fans line up for a chance to “meet” her and be cured. As weird as all that may sound though, Beverly always comes across as a real woman and the scenes are never cheesy or cartoony.

How deeply moving is it? Well, more than any book in a long time, I found myself jotting quote after quote down into my journal. Beverly is just like you and me. She really wants life to be one long drawn out moment of fun, but she knows that’s not how it works. She knows you literally have to fight every fucking day just to maintain happiness, and that sadness hangs over people like a cloud, and if you’re not careful, that cloud can infect everyone that comes in contact with it. Like most people, Beverly wants to change the world, but she finds that no matter how much you do for others, you feel the same inside. And no matter what changes, the world at large still seems to hurtle closer and closer toward the apocalypse.

You need to read this book. It’s not just chick lit. Guys, you need to read this book, too. Experience Beverly. Let her try to change you. Just know that transcending your problems is not as easy as a quick fuck. Real change takes time, and real change hurts!

Please check out my blog on all the amazing quotes that really stuck with me as I read. And until next time, stay weird. Stay kind. And remember, if you want to change the world, start with changing yourself.

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