Facial by Jeff Strand

In the words of Jeff Strand, “It’s not about what you think it is…well, maybe one part.”

While there is a hilarious scene where Felicia—who’s been cheating on her husband for years—decides she’ll let her newest fling fulfill his facial fantasy, the title Facial is actually referring to something much less fun.

Carlton has a problem. An interdimensional traveler has made its way to earth…well, part of him. Like getting beamed up in Star Trek, the traveler is beamed to us, but when he materializes in our plane of existence, he does so into the basement floor boards of Carlton’s house—leaving him as only a large Face embedded on the floor.

Oddly enough, there’s a dead lion on top of the Face, but that gets explained later. Also explained is how the Face is going to need to feed in order to get its strength back, and how Carlton can help him. And what's in it for Carlton? Well, when the Face is at full strength, it can reward Carlton with riches and power.

Greg also has a problem. Remember that dirty tramp Felicia? He’s kinda tired of her sucking guys off for facials. And he wants them dead.

Since you’ve probably already guessed what type of substance an interdimensional Face needs to feed on, you may have also extrapolated on how Carlton and Gregg decide to work together to get what they both want.

From there it’s plenty of blood, sex, and…facials?

It’s a short novella, so I won’t go much more into plot than that or it’ll spoil the climax. I loved the book though and am super excited to devour more horror comedy titles. Honestly, I view Facial as others might view a comedy on TV. Sometimes you just wanna have fun, rather than pick up a giant tome with intense drama and horror, especially when there is so much real-world horror every day. For me, instead of Netflixing comedies though, I can sit down and laugh out loud with books like this. That’s how you should take Facial. Sit down and get ready to laugh out loud. Bizarro plots, ridiculous characters, and awkward sex scenes—you’ll see what I mean.

Get your Facial here and hear more from Strand in our interview

P.S. Guys, if she tells you to go for it, don't waste time second guessing ;)

P.P.S. If you want some FREE bizarro erotic horror, here’s a new story inspired by Jeff Strand and Chuck Tingle. Not sure my fan fic did them justice, but it was a blast to write.

America Gets Pounded by a Russian Face App

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