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Updated: Oct 11, 2019

This an exclusive peek at my current erotic horror work in process. Since it’s a WIP, very little editing has been done, but I thought it’d be fun to share my writing process with you. Enjoy this raw draft, and see if you can catch all the changes when the final is published.

“It’s okay,” Emily said, reaching out and placing her hand on Will’s thigh. “There are worse places to be stuck.”

Outside the rain pelted the roof of the car. Inside, their damp clothes made the confined space almost humid. What little sky they could see outside the windshield was a brownish swirl of wind, dirt, and water.

“I suppose.” Will squeezed the steering wheel. “But fuck, I was kinda looking forward to our other plans. Not every day I meet a girl like you.”

“Why do we have to change our plans just because we can't get to your apartment?” Emily slid her hand gently up and down his damp jeans. “I seem to remember the arrangement involving your—ahem. I mean... everything we need is right here." Staring at his crotch, she dug her nails into his leg.“

Here? I… We’re in the east campus parking lot. The humanities building is right over there.”

“I can’t see the building.” Emily let a pleased smile grace her lips as she looked out the passenger window. All she could see in the torrential downpour was her breath fogging up the glass and beads of rain streaming down the outside. “I can’t even see an inch outside the window.”

Emily could feel his body tighten. She looked back and Willy was staring at her. She locked eyes with him, knowing exactly how good she looked with wet hair and the thin NAU sweater clinging to her petite frame. She had planned for this look from the start, had anticipated running from the car to his apartment, dripping wet, then falling on to the couch, their rain-slick bodies slipping over each other. Emily hadn’t foreseen the storm getting so bad that they were forced off the road only two blocks away from the bar though.

On the bright side, taking shelter in the empty campus parking could lead to fast, hot, and dirty sexplay. The the exhilarating thought of public public and the moist air mixed with her teasing suddenly made the situation sexier than his apartment ever could have been.

“You weren’t just fronting back there, were you? You a kinky co-ed…”

“How about you? Can you back up the big game you were talking at the bar?” Emily began circling her index finger against his thigh, moving closer and closer toward his zipper. She basked in the struggle on in Will's face, wondering how long she could tease him before he made a decision. “You’re not gonna use this storm to back out of our agreement?”

“Fuck no, I ain't fronting.” Will cupped his crotch a bit and his cockiness made her even hornier. “There’s just so much more room at my place. Maybe if we just wait out the storm a few minutes…” Willy looked at his watch. “You have to be back by ten, you said?”

Emily nodded. She unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over placing her hands on his chest and shoulder. “It’s monsoon season, Will, what if this storm doesn’t let up until I have to get home? We’ll miss our chance then.” She traced a finger down his chest and abdomen. “I thought you said you were adventurous… Anybody can take me in a bedroom. Nobody’s ever taken me in parking lot before.”

Emily could tell he was trying to downplay the grin that was threatening to stretch his whole face.

Okay. I see you.” Will had a new rhythm to his voice . Slow and smooth, he took hold of her wrist the slid it from his stomach down to the bulge leaning toward his left leg. Feeling the girth of the spongy organ beneath his jeans, filled Emily with giddy hope. Maybe Will would finally be the one. So far, every guy who’d gotten this far suddenly lost their alpha male confidence once they had to deliver.

Still, the organ was underneath his jeans, that fabric could add a lot of padding—

Will’s other hand reach behind her head and Emily allowed herself to be pulled to his lips. Sweat and rain dripped from their faces into the kiss. While still exploring his lips, Emily took her hand off Will’s crotch to reach behind and under the thin sweatshirt, unclasping her bra. She leaned back from their embrace, pulled her arms into the sweatshirt and removed the bra without exposing her chest.

With a playful laugh Emily tossed the red lacy cups at Will. Thunder cracked outside and the rain intensified. Will took the cue and unbuttoned his pants. He raised up from the car seat, struggling a bit to get the jeans off his wet skin. When he was down to his boxer briefs, Emily was pleased to see the bulge had actually grown bigger.

Holy shit! Will was definitely the one. Now she had to pray that he wasn’t a one-minute man too—

Shut up! Emily chastised herself for even putting the thought out there. Pushing it from her mind, she watched Will massaged the giant erection, almost tugging at it, opening up the tight spandex-like underwear that was suffocating it. Like a worm, it inched down his leg, gasping for room to grow longer.

“Need a hand,” Emily purred.

“Please.” Will pulled the side lever and the driver seat reclined.

Emily slipped her fingers into his waistband and peeled his briefs down, freeing his cock. “Oh shit.” She giggled.

“Guess that means I win the bet?”

Emily took her index finger and ran it down the fat vein along the top of his shaft. “It means we both win.” She leaned forward and breathed hot and heavy on the smooth skin. The organ bounced to life under her delicate contact.

Now it was Emily’s turn to downplay the smile forming on her face as the magnificent specimen bobbed and pushed against her finger. Only in porn had she seen such glorious meat pole. She lifted his cock up and licked underneath, bringing her tongue from the base of its underbelly to the tip of its mushroom head. Listening to Will's moans of pleasure and feeling his subtle gyrations soaked her panties. Emily varied the speed and pressure as she sucked the dark giant head. When she could take it no more, she expertly undid her own jeans and slipped one finger between her pussy lips, while the other finger hugged against the hood of her clit---------------


Emily stretched across the rest of the backseat, her legs facing Will. She felt Will lean down, spit onto her vagina, then give it a few licks. Hot sparks rocketed up her body. Emily arched her back, pushing her crotch into his face, slowly bucking against his warm mouth. She painted as the ecstasy mounted, then groaned in protest when Will pulled his face away, Her wet pussy was alone and exposed for only a moment though, then a new pressure and warmth arrived. Emily opened her eyes to see Will's meat torpedo jutting from his crotch and pushing onto hers.

“You sure you want this cock.”

Will slid the warm head of his penis back and forth across her pussy.

“Yes,” she whispered, her crotch was on fire.

Will took his cock and slapped her clit several times, each gentle blow sent shivers rippling through her body. Then he spread her glistening juices across her mons pubis a few times using his mushroom tip like a paintbrush. She squirmed and he returning to playfully slapping her eager vagina.

Emily cried out and gripped at the door bar above her head.

“Please,” she begged.

Just when she thought her clit couldn't take anymore, Will gripped the base of his cock and guided it into her pussy. Emily took a deep inhale as Will pushed and spread her vagina. Her insides yielded to his size with pleasure, gripping him like a velvet glove. He slid out, then pushed a little further, just as she’d done to him with her mouth. Each time his warm organ probed deeper, and Emily squealed as her sex filled to dizzying capacity. She opened her eyes, mouth dropping as she watched her vagina swallow his cock, her stomach expanding with his girth.


Before she could scream again, Will disappeared over the front seat, her womb instantly aching for the cock it had molded itself about.


The car was silent and empty.

“Will, what the fuck?” Emily scrambled into the corner of the backseat. She snatched up her panties and attempted to put them on when carnival music began to play over the radio. She screamed, dropping the underwear.

The painted face slowly rose from behind the driver seat headrest. Emily screamed but failed to move. The nostrils of the feminine clown face flared as it inhaled deeply. “You smell so delicious…”

The soft words dazed Emily, and her fight to overcome the fear-induced paralysis faltered. The faint smell of cotton candy floated into Emily's sense along with the words.

“So delicious.” A forked tongue shot out of the clown’s mouth. It’s neck extended into the backseat, moving like a snake with a human face. “So delicious.”

Emily felt the forked tongue slid between her thighs and she let loose another howl.


Stan lost himself in the creamy eyes and hazel skin of the young woman. His gaze followed her slender neck to pointed—

A text notification dropped over the screen.

MIKE: Can’t make it tonight. Mom’s freaking about Will and Emily, wants me to stay home and watch my sister

Fuck. Stan’s boner deflated as he switched screens on his phone to make sure he’d read the message correctly.

“Shit,” he said out loud, confirming the cancellation of their party plans. The chance of someone like him attending Valeria’s party was probably a once in a lifetime event—he was only even being taken because Mike was invited. The semester had barely started and already he felt sure that community college was gonna be just as lame as high school in terms of a social life.

Stan wasn’t sure how to reply. He was pissed but maybe it wasn’t a good idea to share his emotions with Mike. He stared at his phone considering a response when another text came in.

Mike: Sorry bro. You can go without me though

Mike exhale a snarky laugh. Yeah right. No way he was going to a house party where he didn’t know anyone.

You know one person, voice piped up.

He knew Bailey Lopez, all right. But he was not going to attempt that kind of introduction in an unfamiliar environment without a wing-man.

Come on…

Stan typed fast to avoid succumbing to the voice: Nah. Can I at least come over and grab some beer?

Mike: Sure. Wait until Ashley’s is in bed. 9 pm

Stan exhaled but the pit of aggravation didn’t leave his stomach. He switched screens back to the page of gorgeous thumbnails. Digital rectangles of bare flesh filled the phone again. It was gonna be a bitch convincing his mom not to question his motives for taking the car out that late. He’d just gotten the Honda and it was contingent on certain rules. College grades and curfews topped the list. Friday night was prime for a few beers and chilling, but it wasn’t worth the hassle of dipping out for half an hour, making up a fake errand as an alibi.

It only was seven pm though. Stan decided to text back closer to nine, after he decided what to do. Maybe something would change his mind yet. He tried to focus his attention on the digital hotties while no losing sight of real-life ones, like Bailey. Thinking of the girl in his English 101 class, Stan typed “college slut” into the search bar.

Plaid skirts and midriffs of various colors pressed against green chalkboards and wooden desks. Stan smiled as his thumb scrolled, waiting for the girl that would be the one. The professor and the failing student. The MILF teacher tutoring the 5th-year senior. Two graduates, the girl stripped down to her cap and heels, the male with his grad robe unzipped. The college football coach and the dance teacher. One picture led to another and before he realized, he’d unbuttoned his jeans which were now uncomfortably tight.


What the hell was that noise though?

Stan unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway. The light in the bathroom was on and he headed that way. He could hear the TV downstairs, but there seemed to be no one in the bathroom. When he entered, his foot hit something and he heard plastic skitter across the floor. Following the noise with his eyes, he saw the what looked like the plunger from the sink drain.

He walked forward and bent to pick up the plastic stopper with the brass top. Returning to the sink he looked down to see the circular hole of the drain. How had the stopper popped out of the sink and onto the floor?

“Stan…” The voice was a soft and seductive melody. “Over here.”

Stan stare down at the blackness of the exposed drain. Then he turned and looked at the bathroom door. “Todd?”

His brother didn’t answer.


He whirled around to the sink again, the feminine voice more urgent this time. Stan bent down closer and the scent of cotton candy and roasting popcorn crept into his nose. “What the fuck?” he whispered.


Stan found his head turning at the command, lining up his ear with the drain and leaning even closer. Now there was the sound of carnival music too. He felt warm breath on his ear but didn’t resist. The way it tickled his short hairs felt too good to say no.

“Have a lick.”

Along with the breathy words came a wet, fleshy sensation. It slithered into Stan’s ear and he screamed, stumbling backward. A long thin tongue, red and glistening snaked up from the drain like a cobra from a basket.

"Stanley!” The pink, forked organ wavered in the air and reach for him.

“Ahh!” Stanley bolted from the bathroom.


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