Erotic Horror Story Excerpt

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

If you've been following my previous post, you know I've been trying to pen my first erotic horror story for an anthology titled Rope Burns. Below is the first scene from that wip. I'd love feedback if you got any. The only guidelines from the publisher were: Graphic horror and even more graphic sex are just fine. Don’t be timid!

Ghost leaned over the console, tugged on Dean’s unzipped pants, and smiled as his cock came into view. She tucked her hair behind her left ear and released a hot breath onto his thick member, watching it pulse. Before it could grow to full length, Ghost took his semi-flaccid cock into her mouth and sank down until her nose touched Dean’s belly. His deep moan filled the car. Using her tongue, she circled his mushroom tip, bringing his dick to full length which pushed her back a bit. Feeling his hot meat swell while in her mouth was one of Ghost’s favorite sensations. It was her throat that brought him to attention. It was power.

Ghost noticed that the sounds of Sonny checking the guns and cash in the backseat had ceased. As always, she could sense his attention as it shifted to her and Dean. With all their minds aligned, the excitement built in her groin and belly. She bobbed up and down on Dean’s cock with more fervor and relished as he squirmed in his seat. When the time seemed right, Ghost plunged as deep as she could. She felt Dean’s body stiffen. His strong hand wrapped her hair around his fist and she relaxed her throat, allowing him to guide her head downward, urging Ghost to swallow every last inch of his cock. She gagged a bit at the base, then was pulled back by her hair. As the hot pulsing meat pulled from her mouth, Ghost gasped and the whole car seemed to moan and breathe deeper.

Every nerve in her body was alert, her pulse raced, yet Ghost still felt composed. The ritual never let them down before a big job, three years and it only seemed to get better. She looked to the backseat, fully empowered for the day’s job, and gave Sonny a succubus smile, a strand of saliva still hanging from her lips. Ghost slurped it up, diving deeper into her role for the trio. Sonny’s deep-set eyes watched her, the usual fire that burned in those unblinking eyes before a job emerged.

Sonny then closed his lids, tilted back his head and breathed through his nose. “Fuck yeah,” he whispered.

“Fuck yeah is right. Whew-ew!” Dean fanned his crotch and tried to tuck his dick back into his pants, but it was still too erect, and he eventually gave up and banged out a drumroll on the ceiling instead. “How’s the trinity feeling now?”

“I’m ready,” Sonny said.

Ghost nodded, thankful to hear Sonny’s affirmation. He’d been freaked out more by this job than any other in the past three years. And she didn’t want any of his apprehension killing the energizing fire that raged all the way down to her feet.

Dean finally got his cock back into his pants and zipped them up. As always, no one came and the car seemed to buzz with the built-up sexual energy. Their pact was to focus that energy on the task at hand—to see nothing but success.

“Then away we go.” Dean popped the car into gear and dust kicked up as he drove the final mile to Rodrigo’s.

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