Cruce Roosters (REVIEW)

Updated: Jul 10

The future of mankind is infected! Not with a virus, but with a sick desire for violence, money, and fame. If a product or service can’t be effectively sponsored, monetized, and consumed for hours of mindless entertainment, then there is no purpose to that endeavor…

My god, sounds dangerously close to our current society.

Today I branched out from my normal circles of horror and erotica and took a chance on Cruce Roosters by Brent Michael Kelley. It’s a post-apocalyptic action-packed sci-fi novella. I stress action-packed. If you like over the top violence and futuristic death games, you’re in luck. The first chapter jumps right into the mix, starting out in a G-1 sports arena with the ruler of the country Prophit King presiding over a game call Cruce— it features jacked-up, near cyborg-like athletes competing in a life or death battle against other major cities.

My first impression of the game conjured up images of the South Park episode Major Boobage where Trey and Matt spoofed Heavy Metal. I’m a bit too young to really know what the Heavy Metal series was about, but if South Park is accurate, it’s a fantasy world filled with monsters, swords, sorcery and plenty of boobs and cock. I immediately associated Cruce Roosters with this as Prophit King has a golden scepter similar to the one featured below, but instead of boobs, King Prophit rules his land with a golden-plated whale penis. Why a whale penis for a scepter? Well, there's a backstory to that, but you'll need to read the book to find out.

Yeah. It’s a bit bizarre and I almost got lost on that first chapter, but I stuck with it. Turns out the society of G-1 is not like Heavy Metal after all, more like America in the movie The Running Man. Like today’s athlete’s, Roosters who play in the Cruce games are famous. And the media broadcasters that cover the games are also celebrities. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, you’re probably a mindless spectator.

What I liked most about the novella was the parody of America. From the athlete worship, to lying politicians, and the utter monetization and commercialization of every aspect of life. The book even starts every chapter with a fake ad and closes out by informing the reader that "The following was brought to you by Rooster Juice Energy Gulp—Pump the Cock, Taste the Juice! "

When Roosters are not smashing each other up, the rest of the action centers around Molly Most, a crucecaster who has been tapped by an underground organization that wants to take down Prophit King and help pull civilization out from under their spell of conformity and selfishness. Molly is eventually contacted by a small group of resistance fighters who dwell under the city. In this underground wasteland, mutations have changed humanity into something else. Something more than human. And that may be just what the citizens of this post-apocalyptic world need to cure their sickness.

I think this novella moves very fast and is great for fans of sci-fi action. For me, I needed it slowed down just a bit though as I’m use to psychological horror that builds slowly, and I would like to see a little bit more character development for Molly as she goes through some major changes from start to finish.

But if your looking for a blending of genres and you think you can handle the juice, get your hands on the cock here:

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