Body Art by Kristopher Triana (Review)

Updated: Jul 10

Kristopher Triana has taught me so much through his work. I learned what apotemnophilia is, discovered that coloring books are not just for kids, and now have a list of underground movies from his story “The Devouring” that will surely scar me for life. All I can do in return is give him an honest review. Luckily, Body Art makes that very easy to accomplish. The novel is everything a great horror book should be, combing two of my favorite things: horror and porn!

Body Art is really three stories in one. First we meet Toby and Jessica. He’s the clean-cut varsity football quarterback. She’s the campus bad girl. And together they are taking one last trip up to a cabin in the woods before Toby has to leave for college. Let me say that it’s refreshing for once to read a story where the jock is not the stereotypical asshole, pressuring her into consent. Jessica is actually the one pushing for sex. Poor Jessica practically has to beg Toby for anal! Now there’s a role reversal for ya.

Next there’s Harold the creepy mortician. I know it’s a dirty job that somebody’s got to do, but there needs to be some better background checks before the state just hands over a mortician’s license. While being creepy is still technically legal, what Harold does when the bodies of his ex-girlfriends start showing up on the embalming table is definitely illegal!

Finally there’s Kandi Heart, an aging porn star attempting to get her career back on track. In an effort to prove she’s still got it, Kandi accepts a job offered by a director she worked with extensively in the 80s, Rutger Malone. The catch is she can’t know what the film is about or what direction any of the sex scenes will take. But each time Rutger calls action!, Kandi is put into worse and worse situations.

Somehow, all three of these plotlines come together seamlessly. As if they were all attracted to each other by something… dark. There is a fourth plotline, now that I think of it. The red dust that seems to float around Harold in his lab. The same red dust that is making a mess on Rutger’s set and Toby’s cabin when Jessica’s lust goes into overdrive. The darkness in mankind’s heart turns this into a supernatural rollercoaster, that builds into a climax you’ll never forget.

If someone wants to get into extreme horror and asks where to start, point them to Body Art. Yes, it’s totally obscene. I was exposed to mutilation, necrophilia, sadomasochism, and countless other terms that could lead to PTSD, but somehow, throughout it all, Triana is able to make you care about these characters. Sure, I vomited in my mouth a few times, but when all is said and done, I really enjoyed this book.

Grab your copy today and let Kristopher Triana empty your stomach and your balls with Body Art!

Oh, and here's the coloring book based on the novel. A must have for any true horror fan!

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