Black Celebration: Chapter 4

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Are you sure he’s really dead?”

“Yes, Brian. He’s fucking dead.” Claire walked to the

side of the bed and poked her grandfather’s shoulder a few


“Hole-lee shit.” Brian moved to the other side of the bed. “I can’t believe it. He’s finally gone.”

“Everyone dies.”

“True.” Brian pulled out his phone and hit record. “But it felt like the day would never come.”

“Yeah . . . ” Claire studied the pallid face of her grandfather. His mouth was half-opened, and stained teeth peeked out. His old-man throat waddle hung stiffly from his chin. “Strange how someone can be such a miserable shit all the time and then one day . . . they’re just nothing.”

Claire leaned over the motionless body and Brian saw the faux lipstick case in her hand. “You hear that, Grandpa? You’re nothing.”

Brian watched Claire through the phone screen, fixated on her fiery expression. On the screen, she slid the mini dagger out of the lipstick case.

“You don’t scare me anymore.” She tapped the flat side of the blade against the dead man’s cheek, each time pressing a little harder and longer. “I was gonna show you left when I walked out on your ass. But this is better. Fuck you,” she rasped, shaking as she pressed down hard as she could. "You're dead."

“Good riddance,” Brian said. The man had never liked him dating Claire, and he let Brian know it every time he saw him.

Claire’s frenzy subsided and she looked up, catching Brian filming her. “You think that’s a good idea?”

Claire smiled and her eyes flashed with devious intent. Brian knew she was on the same vibe as him. There was sellable content here.

Brian returned a similar expression.

“Granddaddy would not be happy that you’re filming this.” .

Brian appreciated the sexy banter in her voice. It was why he fucking loved her. She may have been a bitch sometimes, but at other times, she was a bad bitch.

“He probably hated a lot of the things we’ve filmed over the years.” Brian smirked, leaning down, level with Claire, facing the stiff old man. “But there’s nothing you can say anymore, is there? You dead dumb fuck.”

“You know . . . ” Claire giggled. “No filming, but Granddad would really hate this.” She grabbed Brian by the shirt and pulled him across the corpse and to her lips.

Brian gripped the wall to avoid falling onto the dead man’s face, almost dropping his phone in the process. His lips connected with Claire and they shared three kisses.

“I bet there are a lot of things he’d hate us doing right now,” Brian said, laughing, his brain alive with the most vile send-off for the shitty old man. Hey, Grand Daddy, how about I film your granddaughter sucking my cock next to your dead corpse?

“Too bad, I don't have my corpse pain on already." She pouted and he sighed. "Let's check what kind of ideas the Burners came up with and I can suck you off later.”

Brian straightened. “You already posted it to the Burners?”

“Sure did. Time is limited and I want to get as many ideas as I can and as soon as possible. We only get one chance at this.”

Brian nodded understanding, but still he felt a little jealous that the Burners probably knew about the old bastard kicking the bucket before him.

Claire put her mini-dagger back into the lipstick-looking sheath and came around to the other side of the bed. She took him by the hips. “Come on, baby. I posted it, but I'm waiting to read the comments with you.”


“Of course. Come read them with me . . . ” She pulled him out of her granddad’s bedroom and toward her own.

Brian pocketed his phone and smiled. “Yes, ma’am.”


What to do with my DEAD grandpa?

That was the title Claire had posted to the forum along with two pictures of the seventy-five-year old’s corpse under the bedcovers. His face had been blurred.

Brian looked at the comments not bothering to ask if Claire had followed proper protocol. They’d been playing with Tor and Onion for the past year. The dark web wasn’t dangerous. It was the future of the internet. You just had to be careful.

The Burners were eating it up. The post’s comments ranged from tame pranks they could pull using a corpse, all the way to the profitable act of harvesting organs. They laughed at some of the sick creativity put into the suggestions, but deep down, Brian knew they both had a curiosity to try several of them.

A few profiles weighed in on how to best obtain his social security number and liquidate assets. That was already a given though. Claire and him were going to tear apart the trailer house looking for any treasures the greedy bastard was hiding. He seemed like the type of asshole who had stacks of cash hidden in shoeboxes because he didn’t trust anyone, not even a bank.

“Hey.” Claire pointed at a new comment. “We were just talking about her.”

DM me up. I wanna cum play, Brian read the comment in silence, then the profile name. RabbitHole69xxx.

“What do you think? We talked about going hardcore . . .Getting that big paycheck. ”

“We have . . . ” Brian looked at Claire, saw the smile plastered from ear to ear. “You really want to do this, huh?”

“I think we have to try it. I'm fucking freaking out too, but we gotta know how we can push ourselves." Claire flashed her teeth and eyes.

“If we do that, there’s no coming back though. We’re all in.”

Claire looked at the posted picture of the corpse who only yesterday had been her grandfather. “I thought going all the way was kinda the point of this whole thing—” She pointed back and forth between them. “World burners. Experience seekers. This is our chance. If we don’t go all in now, then we were never serious.”

DM me. I wanna cum play.


Brain drafted up an email and then looked at her. “Okay, so you're hundred percent sure?” His hand hovered over the enter key. “Cause there is no coming back once I hit send.”

Claire felted amped. She was scared as shit too, but it was still electrifying. It was the same thrilled she’d gotten when they first joined the Burner’s Forum. It surged up her spine when they spent the first few weeks being voyeurs. When the excitement of watching had dulled, Brian had suggested the PornPanda666 idea. Their amateur porn hustle to forum members had given her a sense of power she’d only dreamed of at the time.

The money compounded the feeling.

But that too was dulling too. The balloon scene had been fun once she got into it, but that was shit money. One fifty?! Why was she dancing for tips, when she could be making money moves? All the top cam girls and porn stars made quality, in-demand content and they made it pricey. Doing this one video, the right way, could be their ticket to easy street. Then they could leave this porn hustle and do bigger things. At least she wanted to believe that. They just had to work smarter, not harder today for a better tomorrow.

“My heart hasn’t raced like this since the first time you filmed me.” Claire stared at his message to Rabbithole69. “Do it. Fucking do it.”

Brian inhaled. “Here goes.”

The button clicked and they both seemed to release in an exhale of breath and tension, both sinking a bit into their seats. An almost giddy laughter pouring from their mouths.

After a few minutes passed and their pulses began to recede, Brian looked at her. “Now what?”

“We wait.” Claire shrugged. “Got a joint?”

“Ha! I do. Guess the fucker ain’t gonna mind smoking in his home anymore.” Brian dug into his camera bag and pulled out a thin joint. He lit it with a few deep puffs and passed it over to Claire.

The weed was so relaxing as it seeped into her cells. They passed it back and forth in her room. It felt so good to have this kind of freedom.

The computer dinged.

They lunged toward the screen, Brian reading it out loud. “Let’s meet. I think we can be of great help to each other.” He looked at Claire. “Meet? No fucking way. We just asked for some ideas. Maybe a client list for a reasonable fee. This is a cop. I know it. This is how they catch people who hire hitmen. You saw Tiger King—”

“You’re stoned and being paranoid.”

“Paranoid? Think about the precautions we take to stay anonymous. A member can’t know if we’re a million miles apart or living down the street from them. Unless it’s a set-up—"

The computer dinged.

I have a confession. I think I know who you are.

“No fucking way.” Brian sat down at the desk and read the message again.

“Hang on.” Claire pushed in next to him on the keyboard. “Ask who she thinks we are?”

“Do you really want to ask that?”

“I don’t think it’s a cop.”

“I don’t know…”

“Quit stalling.” Claire reached out, grabbed the keyboard, and typed: Who do you think we are? Then hit Enter.

They waited, and Claire became very aware of the adrenaline pumping in her ears. They had to settle this once and for all.


“You and your cameraman both graduated from Shale High School”

“I don’t believe it.”

Now Claire was up and pacing the room. “How is this even possible?”

“Who’s being paranoid now,” he said in a mocking tone.

“You fucked up the firewalls?” she said. “Someone found our location because you fucked up.”

“I don’t fuck things up! You’re always with me. You know how careful I am. How about you? Who was watching when you posted his dead ass in the first place?”

Claire walked back over and pushed onto the keyboard again.

“Maybe we should stop engaging,” Brian said.

“Fuck that,” Claire said, and typed: Who are you?

They sat back, adrenaline in overload.


You know who I am too. People called me Psycho Barbie. We had an elective together last year. The rest you’ll get in person.

“Psycho Barbie?”

“I feel like I know that name.” Brian tapped the desk. “Do you have a yearbook from last year?”

“Yeah right; does it look like I’d buy a book filled with people I never liked.”

“Fine. I guess the question is, could this really be a cop?”

“Psycho Barbie? Doesn’t sound like a cop. Let’s just call the bluff.” Claire wanted to keep acting, pushing this forward until there was a real answer. She sent: Let’s meet. Somewhere public.

They both leaned forward, breath held, watching the screen.

The instant message popped up: Dennys on Buffaloe street. Six am tomorrow. We’re gonna have a lot of work to do.

Claire looked at Brian, the energy pumping in her veins was better than being high. “Say yes. Agree to meet.”

Brian’s eyes were wide, deep thought etched into her face. “Fuck, this is all so crazy. It wasn’t part of the plan.”

“You wanted one more video. This is perfect.”

“The other videos are stupid kinks. This is...illegal.”

Claire allowed the words to sink in before responding: “That’s what makes it so perfect. It's about pushing that limit and not letting anyone stop us." She felt flushed. "Don’t you feel that…energy?”

“I feel something all right…” he said a bit absently, staring at the screen.

“That’s cause we’re burners. None of this paranoid bullshit.” Confidence seeped into her voice. “Let’s own this shit.”

“Fucking A,” Brian said and typed Agreed.

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