Black Celebration: Chapter 3

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Chapter III

“It’s times like these, when I seriously contemplate the snuff film idea….” It was Saturday night, filming night, and the graduation gown was not as soft as Claire thought it would be against her naked skin.

She was surrounded by balloons that Brian had written ‘Happy Graduation’ on. He’d even managed to find old party favors in a box in his garage and taped streamers behind the bedframe.

“Just stop moving for a second,” Brian said. “You’re knocking the balloons off.” He grabbed at the bright-colored orbs as they floated off the bed, suspending in the air momentarily then dropping.

“They’re gonna bounce away they second I start playing with myself,” Claire said. “Just stand off camera and throw them back onto the bed. It’ll look cool with balloons constantly raining down on me.”

Claire could feel the static electricity from the thin latex pulsing around the soft hairs of her body. There were at least fifty balloons spread about the bed and on the floor. She’d done a lot of silly things since they started creating personalized videos for the burner forum, but this one was extra cheesy. It was gonna be hard not to laugh.

The grad gown was unzipped and parted from her torso down to her crotch. There were two balloons taped just above her nipples, and one above her vagina. The only other accessories she wore was a motarboard and black flats.

And of course, her corpsepaint too. But she wore that make-up style in every video. Covering her face in the death metal makeup was originally to protect her identify, but had become her signature calling card. Fans fucking loved it. Some offered to pay her hundreds just to remove the paint. It was always tempting, but the last thing Claire wanted was for her identity to get out. Some burners didn’t care about anonymity, but Brian and Claire did. They were not consumers Brian said. They were producers. And to maintain that power balance they had to be anonymous. Always. No matter what.

“You’re right,” Brian said. “That will look good. Let me just turn on the camera first.” Brian shuffled over to the tripod and the red light came on above the lens.

“Shit. What was the guy’s name?” Claire asked, going over the birthday lyrics one more time.

After messaging with the guy back and forth, Brian had found a few more kinks up the man’s sleeve. Milked another fifty bucks out of him to personalize the video with a song. Brian pulled a note card from his pocket. “Let’s see. He wants to be called…Teddy. Mr. Teddy.” Brian didn’t even try to conceal his smirk. “His name is Mr. Teddy,” Brian repeated. “And he wants you to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him…Then…cum at the end.”

“While popping balloons.”


Of all the requests they’d received over the last year, this one wasn’t all that odd. But each situation struck Claire differently. The looner’s request, sitting in a grad outfit, it just felt stupid. The guy who wanted a video of Claire squeezing grapes with her toes into a jar, to then mix it with her pussy juices and mail it to him was weird. The smoking videos actually made her feel pretty sexy. At the end of the day though, most people hated their jobs, and were probably all asked by bosses to do stupid and weird things. At least Brian and Claire were their own bosses. And no matter how strange a request was, they could accept or reject any request. And even though it was only one hundred fifty dollars, Claire was getting paid to cum and pop balloons. Remembering that made her feel like a boss bitch.

Claire leaned back into the pillows and tried to relax. It was amazing what Brian’s room had been transformed into since last year as they’re website filming progressed. “You’re positive your mother isn’t coming home anytime soon,” she asked.

“Are you kidding me? She got her check from Dad. She’ll be at Cogburns all night.”

Claire shifted on the bed, getting into the role. That’s what it boiled down too. She was a character on camera. PornPanda666 was her mask, and each video made her a better actress. Her brain shifted from feeling stupid, to remembering how much power she wielded over these pathetic men who threw money at her feet. They were dumb fucking animals and she was there queen.

Claire arched her back, spread her legs and looked into the camera. Her fingertips held tight to the faux lipstick case.

Claire gave her signature creepy laugh, then a pouty smile beneath her corpsepaint. “Hi Teddy,” she purred, looking into the camera. “I heard it was your birthday. I want to give you a present.”

Claire slowly lifted her faux lipstick case, careful not to disrupt many balloons. She slid out the small sharp dagger concealed inside and kissed at the camera

“Happy birthday to you.”


The blade vanquished the balloon from her left breast

“Happy birthday to you.”


Her right breast was now visible to the camera.

Claire placed the knife down carefully on the bed and brought her hands up to her breasts. She circled her b-cups deftly with the edges of her palms, grabbing the clear tape off while still keeping the movements sensual. She licked her lips, tasted some of the face paint, but ignored it. She exhaled heavily and pinched her nipples.

Slow and steady her left hand slid down her stomach and under the balloon taped to her crotch. The air-filled balloon moved to the side, allowing her to fingers to reach the folds of her pussy.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Teddiieee, happy birthday to yooouu!”


As the balloon over her pussy disappeared, Claire sunk her fingers into her vagina and let out a squeal. She brought her fingers up to her mouth, wet them, and begin working around her clit.

“And many more on channel four.” She moaned out the numbers now fully submersed in the role. She might have thought ‘Looners’ were silly, but they were paying her for this, and a satisfied client was a repeat client.

“A load of fun on channel one.”

Claire’s hand sped up.

With her other hand, Claire grabbed the blade again and began popping any balloons within her reach. The pops came one after another, ringing in her ears. The heat rose in her body.

“And a taste of heaven on channel seven.”

Faster still. More bursting rubber, and yet more balloons rained onto the bed as Brian tossed them into the air over her from off-camera.

“Happy birthday—” her voice squeaked “—Toooooo….yoooouuuuu!” Claire let go of her orgasm, shuddered, and collapsed against the pillows. Balloons floating up and away from her exhausted body.

“And cut!” Brian shouted. “That was fucking gold, baby!”


“What the hell is he doing up?” Claire said, looking at the lit windows of the trailer-style home. They were in Brian's Saturn just down the street from the driveway to her Granddad's place.

“He thinks you were working tonight, right?”

“Yeah, just like every Saturday.” She sighed. “He’d only be up if he wants to chew me out for something. Fuck, let’s just leave now.”

“Next week like we planned. We can still get in one more video.” Brian smiled and rubbed her leg. “Start packing though. I will too. Everything but the recording equipment.”

“You swear we’re out by June 6th? Whether we get another video or not?”

“I’d like to have as much cash as possible, but I swear,” he said. “We have enough money for what I got lined up in Phoenix. You are not gonna believe the opportunities out there.”

“Anything is better than this shithole.” Claire undid her seatbelt.

“We’re gonn be living in a mansion before long.”

“Hope so.” She got out of Brian’s car and took her time walking up to the shitty trailer.

Claire braced herself as she entered...

Despite the light, Granddad was not in his recliner. The kitchen light was also on, however, the table was empty. He never left lights on for her, and he always left his dinner dishes for her to clean. Walking through the small kitchen, she noted that there was no mess at all from dinner. Like he hadn’t even eaten.

A weird sensation tickled her senses. Something felt wrong. As Claire moved into the hallway, she held her breath and listened for sounds in the bathroom.


She stepped deeper into the trailer.

“Granddad? I’m home.”

Still nothing.

She looked down the rest of the short hall to his bedroom. The door was closed, but a light shone under the crack at the floor. She crept, soft and slow, across the carpet, ears pricked for any sound.

“Granddad?” she said, standing before the door. “You okay?”

Not that she gave two shits about him, but she wanted to at least know where the fuck he was. She knocked on the door. It creaked open an inch but not enough to see inside.

“Fuck it,” she whispered, pushing the door open.

Claire gasped seeing the form on the bed. “Sorry.” She turned away and closed her eyes, mentally preparing for the verbal attack he’d unleash for waking him…

Yet the trailer remained as quiet as it had when she entered.

Claire cracked one eye open, then the other. She looked at the bed. Granddad wasn’t moving. At all.


Claire didn’t text Brian right away. She lay down in her bed instead, a weird sense of grief and joy and fear and freedom washing over her in varying waves. Laughter and tears. She was going to be rid of Granddad in a week anyway—when Brian and her finally left Shale—but it was nicer to know he was dead. There was something much more satisfying in that, than knowing he was going be left alive and alone, forced to make his own damn dinner, no one to verbally abuse. No, this was even better than that to her.

Then thoughts of doubt rolled in, pushing the joy of his demise away. There was a dead fucking body in the next room. What they hell was she gonna do? Would the police show up? Would they question her even though she hadn’t done a dam thing—

Ask the Burners what to do

That’s when a deliciously wicked idea came to her. Somehow, Brian and her could work this into a video. Somehow, this could be the moment they took 'burning' to the next level. Claire grabbed her cell phone and headed back to the corpse for some pictures.

“Say cheese, Granddad.”


Brain parked the beat-up Saturn back in his mom’s driveway. Her Honda was still gone and he was glad he could get drunk and pass out before she returned. He turned off the car just as Claire’s text message and pictures came in.

“Holy shit,” he said to the empty car.

Her message: Get your ass over here now. Grand dad is dead.

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