Black Celebration - Chapter 1

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In The Beginning


“No fucking way...”

RJ heard her call from the bathroom.

“Damnit,” he muttered, adjusting the lamp to the specifics Google had provided. He Knew so little about lighting and camera angles, he wished he could have used the time for some last-minute research instead. It sounded like he’d now be wasting this valuable time on convincing Ginger. Again.

The bathroom door opened and she stepped out in her bra and panties, the bag of accessories he’d provided, hanging from her grasp. “Fake braces, really? And are those baby Yoda ears?”

“Elven ears.”

“Whatever. I look like a mutant teeny bopper.”

“Babe…” RJ said, feigning surprise. “You said you wanted to make some serious money this time—”

“Not with this Asigo shit, no way—”

“It’s pronounced: Aheago. And I’m telling you, this shit will sell. Remember the data from PornHub? Hentai is the fourth most searched category, and Delphie Quinn is the third most searched name. Nobody wants schoolgirl porn anymore. Milfs are overplayed. And nobody cares about the pizza delivery boy or plumber. They want weird-ass shit—”

“Do you know how stupid this looks.”

“Do you know how much money it makes?”

“We've made about a thousand bucks so far. We’re not exactly making it rain, RJ.” Ginger tilted her head accusingly.

“That’s because you don’t act on my killer ideas…” He took a deep but barely-visible breathe, returning the calm and deciding the best way to play this. “We need something that sets us apart from the masses of amateurs out there. If this is the hot new trend, then we need to catch the wave before we get left behind. Give the people what they want. Who cares if it’s stupid. People pay for dumb shit all the time.”

Ginger dropped the plastic bag and walked over to the couch. She took a cross-legged position. “Three shitty nights in the Worthers’ Ward.” She shivered. “That was my week. All I want to do is smoke a bowl and get down. There isn’t a guy around who wouldn’t kill for that. I don’t want to film some Japanese elf fetish. I’m tired.”

“I know.” RJ ran his finger through his short hair. “I didn’t have a great week either. Ricardo is always riding my ass about something. But…we need to film new content. We got to keep pushing new videos if we want new subscribers, if we want our big break. Even if it’s just a teaser GIF—”

“I know. I know. Shit.” Ginger fell back against the couch pillows. “Fine. Can’t you just eat me out, then I blow you. Does it have to be a costume?"

RJ swallowed his annoyance, smiled and walked over. Taking a seat beside her, he ran a gentle hand up her leg. “I want you out of the Worthers’ Ward too.” He smiled at her nickname for the geriatric rooms. “The only person you should be giving a sponge bath to is me.” He softened his voice and massaged her, not in a sexual way, just therapeutic, easing the muscles… or at least he hoped. “But you gotta trust me on this. We’re living in the new golden age of porn, but to make the money, we gotta deliver what the people want.”

“Fine,” she said. “But not tonight. I’m too tired to dress up like some cartoon fantasy for nerds and keep my eyes crossed for thirty minutes while you take pics of cum on my face.”

“Fair enough,” RJ said. “Maybe tomorrow after a good night’s sleep...”


RJ slid closer to her and kissed her neck twice, nuzzling his face into her ear “Smoke and fuck. That's what you want, right? I think we can accomplish that.” He felt her squirm a bit, then RJ leaned back and gave her his James Dean smile. “How about we kill two birds while getting stoned.” He paused and grinned. “See what I did there?”

Whatever enjoyment she’d had at his kisses seemed to vanish as she stared at him.

“Okay, bad joke. Good idea though… I got an amazing Sativa this morning, and smoking is always hot fetish. How about we film a short scene? Just a quickie. Then the rest of the night is you and me, no camera. What do you say?”

Ginger looked out at the camera tripod and lamps. She said nothing, but RJ could feel her soften a bit in his hands.

He returned to her neck, planted a few more kisses while his hand caressed the inside of her thigh, his hand getting close to her crotch. “I’m gonna eat that pussy so good.” Ginger shifted in her seat, and RJ's hand could feel the heat pouring through her panties.

“Even if you cum in the video?”

“Especially if I cum in the video. I gotta make sure you feel as good as I do.” RJ breathed onto her smooth skin, relishing the way it made her shudder.

His nose explored the cleft of her breast, then he let himself slide off the couch. His face bounced over her bra and down her navel as he knelt. Shifting her legs, RJ planted his face into the warm triangle of her panties. He breathed hot kisses through the blue fabric. “Just a short scene…”

“Fine.” Ginger closed her eyes with a deep breath, pushing her pelvis into his face. “One smoking scene.”

“Excellent,” RJ said giving a final peck to the sheer panties. He got to his feet. “Don’t go anywhere. Gotta grab the harness and some Cheetah Piss.”

“Cheetah Piss?” She burst out laughing and the last of the apprehension seemed to fade from her body.” Who names this shit?”

“Who knows? But it’s the loudest shit I’ve had in awhile. Trust me. Now don’t go anywhere,” he said, “I’ll be right back.”

“I may freshen up a bit. Won’t take long.” Ginger gave him her wicked smile as he headed to the bedroom.

As he walked into the bedroom, the annoyance started to hit him again. Yeah, he was still getting something for the website, but it been a struggle. And it wasn't the kind of content that sold. Anyone could puff a joint and suck a dick. He was gonna have to find a way for her to get on a more lucrative fetish...even if she thought it was weird. Hell, he thought, maybe she could make bank selling dirty underwear to freaks.

Dr. Greenshlong!

The idea suddenly hit him as he opened the stash drawer and pulled out the sealed baggie of medical-grade joints. In a flash he could see it all come together. Another golden opportunity like Aheago; they couldn't afford to wait. Pretty soon every state would make med cards legal and then every webcam stoner would be making weed porn.

Taking out one joint of the Cheetah Piss, RJ laughed at the Cypress Hill song that was now playing in his head—of course the original lyrics were being replaced with his own Greenshlong parody.

He moved to the closet where they kept more camera gear, imagining himself in a white lab coat and scrubs. Ginger would be his nurse. They had access to most any medical supply they could need, but this would be so much more than just another stereotypical doctor scene. It’d be weed porn and hilarious. He could write a real script rather than just improvising the whole time.

Now he was thinking next level shit. He fought to control the grin.

Fuck though.

Tonight wasn’t the night to bring up Dr. Greenshlong to Ginger… or was it?

Just stick with the plan. Surprise her tomorrow with it, he thought.

He grabbed the camera rig and the excitement building in his balls erased what little disappointment remained about Aheago and Dr. Greensholng. He’d eventually win her over. For now though, he needed to focus on tonight. They could still make a kick ass video, and even if it didn’t go viral... and he still got his dick sucked.

RJ checked a few settings then looked at himself in the mirror. He had black fleece joggers on and Nike Charges. For a moment he considered changing into jeans, but decided against it. Back in the living room, RJ was happy to see Ginger had returned from the bathroom and was dressed-up… a bit anyway.

She sat on the couch again, modest make-up applied. A tiny tube top hugged her tits perfectly. Neon red booty shorts, knee-high socks and pink sneakers completed the outfit. Her hair was up in a messy bun. It wasn’t hentai, but at least bright colors were a trend in porn.

“You ready?” she asked.

RJ held up the lighter and joint. “Locked and loaded.” He joined her at the couch and handed over the goodies. “Damn you look good.”

Ginger flashed her slut stare as she called it. “You better hurry up, I’m ready to do this.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, happy to her the genuine excitement back in her voice.

RJ took out his phone, hit play on a dark synthwave mix, then placed it on the coffee table. He picked up the Canon Vixa they bought two months ago to start their porn site. “Let’s start with some stills. Clothed first.”

“Baby, do not kill my mood. Film it now or never. I wanna get high.”

The blood was rushing to his cock and he was not about to argue. He threw on the harness and secured the canon into the straps. He turned it on then grabbed his phone for the handheld angles. “Action!”

Ginger ran the long white joint under her nose and giggled. She placed it in her mouth and went to light it, then stopped and looked at the camera. She reached out and beckoned to the lens. RJ stepped closer, flexing the muscles of his cock, willing the blood their asap. He could feel it starting to swell and was excited, but whenever he had to film himself, there was always some initial fear mixed with the excitement. Mostly, he wanted to be fully hard when she whipped him out. Guys never seemed to admit it, but the dick in the scene was pretty damn important. RJ was not as hung as the average porn star, and the camera sometimes gave him that initial anxiety that didn’t help him reach full potential.

Ginger took the joint out of her mouth with one hand, and with the other, she cupped his crotch. “Mmmhhh.”

RJ smiled, his cock shifting beneath the joggers. That’s it, he thought as she tapped her fingers along his crotch.

With her thumb and forefinger, Ginger outlined his shaft beneath the sweatpants, then placed her mouth on the fabric, breathing hot and heavy. After a minute of cockteasing through his pants, RJ felt ready. As if she read his mind, Ginger stopped, leaned back, and stuck the joint into her mouth again. She sparked the lighter and stared into the lens.

She really did have great fucking eye contact. And she could worship the cock when she wanted to. If only he could find a way to push her a little further; she’d definitely be a star.

Through the lens, RJ watched her inhale. With the joint and smoke still in her mouth, she pulled down his waist band and he smiled was as his cock sprang out. Ginger took the joint from her mouth, leaned forward and engulfed his penis to the halfway point. The cool air of the living room was replaced by the velvety warmth of her lips. RJ didn’t dare close his eyes as she released the cloud of smoke. It seeped out the edges of her mouth, floated past his cock and up to the camera.


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