America Gets Pounded by a Russian Face App

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

*Fan Fic Title Inspired by Chuck Tingle*

It seemed so innocent at first. Good clean fun. Take the Old-Age Face App challenge, have some laughs at what you’ll look like in thirty years. Much safer than the Kiki challenge, tide pod, or condom challenge, right?


There’s a reason they call it going viral. Viruses go viral—do you know a single virus that’s good for you? I sure don’t. And now America's collapsing and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Sure, we can blame the Russians, but what’s the point? That would be like blaming fire when you accidentally burn yourself. It's well documented how dangerous fire can be. Proper precautions should be taken when using such an element. Fire can cook food, keep you warm, or burn the fuck to death even.

I take that analogy back. Maybe the face app isn't like fire. That damn Russian app has no helpful qualities. It only serves to give you a few days worth of laughs on social media, a fair amount of comments, but barely even 15 minutes of fame. Not nearly as satisfying as warmth or cooked food. It was truly a one-sided fire. And the only ones benefiting were the creators.

But we didn't know it at the time.

I can’t even blame the average Facebook user. They're like lemmings. If all you care about is selfies, the newest phone app, popularity, etc. Then you're not the type of person who thinks things through. You just act. You’re that guy or girl, and it’s pointless to expect you to understand the potential hazard in new technology. Don’t get me wrong, you still contributed to the pounding mess we’re in, but you couldn't have know better.

It’s the rest of us who really messed up. Those of you who were on the fence about the app. Those who hesitated to download the app and then share. Those of you who have half a brain. You had an inkling of what could happen. Society relies on fuckers like you to survive. You may not know it, but you're like the glue holding the rest of these lemming-run societies together. And when you lost it, when you succumbed to egos and social media likes and started posting that old-face shit, that’s when we were really fucked. That was when things upgraded to an epidemic.

You knew it was stupid! Knew there was ramifications to your dumb post, and we could even see the hesitation in your typed words. "Well, I guess I'll join the party" and "There, I took the challenge; don't look half-bad for an old guy, right?" But we also saw the hunger you craved in getting attention. You broke, but you had no idea how bad it would get. It's like your mom always said, "if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you?"

Apparently, the answer is yes.

You see, when the people who serve as the foundation of society breaks down, when people like you cave to the hungry masses...

Well, I guess it goes even deeper than this app. In fact, this all started with a wave of Russian mail-order brides in the 80s. We probably didn't realize what was happening back then either. It was a plan forty years in the making.

Ha! Consider it an aging app.

America in the 80s...

America aged by the app... We're not just old, we're fucking burning. Maybe fire was a good analogy.

And this time those Comrades are gonna finish us…unless we do something now. Unless we act, this is gonna turn into a Russian bukkake snuff film that drowns us all.

Don’t believe me, do you?

If you’re reading this, there’s still time to prepare and counterattack. So pay attention! Otherwise you’re gonna get surprised—surprised like a first time fellatiator when the dude blows in your face without giving a curtsy warning.


Natasha’s finger played at my asshole as she sucked my balls. I looked down and smiled as she raised up from my nutbag, arched her eyebrows, and then spit on my cock. I could see her swishing, building up more saliva, then closed my eyes as she sloppily swallowed my mushroom tip again, all that mouth-juice running down the sides of my shaft.

I took a deep breath, excited but still experiencing a small ounce of sadness that our afternoon together was coming to an end. But, as my old man use to say: 'All good things must come to an end.'

With my cock sufficiently lubed, Natasha used her hand to stroke my boner while her mouth returned to my balls. I drifted to my happy place as the trifecta rocked my world: Cock stroked, balls/taint licked, ass explored.

I didn’t open my eyes until after I exploded. Natasha was so fantastic. She continued to lick and stroke my sensitive cock until I wanted to scream. She smiled at me, splatters of sperm plastered to her perfect angular face. With cum still dripping, she put my purple head back in her mouth and sucked gently, giving me after-shocks for another minute. It was like our version of cuddling, and really eased me down, lessened the sadness of knowing our time was over. She kissed my shrinking cock one last time and headed to the master bathroom to wash up.

I took a deep breath and picked up my phone to wait for her return. I chuckled when I opened Facebook and my feed was filled with old faces. More appropriate would be to say it was my friends' faces, but aged using some new face app. A few months ago it had been the gender swap. Before that it had been going all smooth faced and sporting wide-eyed anime. Now it was old age. Totally stupid. But it killed a few hours of boredom, I guessed.

I didn’t guess though; I knew. Facebook killed time for millions. Even when I wasn't at work or with Natasha, I was usually scrolling. The people posting their old faces seemed to be having loads of fun today, great comments, and before I knew it, I found myself in the play store searching for the old age app. I was so absorbed that I barely felt Natasha lay down beside me on the bed.

“What you doing?”

God I loved her Russian accent.

“Oh." I smiled. “It’s silly but…” I held up my phone so she could see the app. “ Everyone’s playing around with it. I know you don’t do social media but—”

“Don’t do that.”

Her face and stern commend shocked me.

“What’s wrong?”

She looked away as she always did when thinking deep, and I was reminded that she was a real beautiful person, no doubt with many facets that her johns would never know—by the way, I never felt like a john; I was never charged, but I tipped madly.

“It’s a bad program. Steals from you. Don’t use it.”

“Ah hell, baby, this whole damn Facebook platform is one big scam. Total spying operation .” I laughed thinking of, Amazon, and countless others. “They use it to sell me ads. I know. It’s fun though. And I don’t fall for the product placements.” I winked.

She placed her hand on my shoulder. “Patrick, you are always nicest man to me. Please…” She grabbed my phone examining the download. A part of me loved her and I didn’t protest. “Yes,” she said. “This is bad, Don’t do it.” She X’ed out of the app and handed back the phone. “Promise me you won’t.”

Her face looked so much different than when it had been splattered in cum and I had no idea what to say. Something in my gut wondered what the hell was the big deal. But when her body pressed against mine, I didn’t want to argue. I just wanted to enjoy her presence before the real world came crashing back in.

“Yeah. Okay. Sorry to upset you.”

She kissed my chest and smiled

I wish I’d kept that promise.


Sometimes wonder if I’m a sex addict or maybe a porn addict. I can’t really keep up with all the new mental disorders, addictions, and popular labels today. Regardless, I have a tendency to fall hard into the hole of Twitter porn. I call it research for my escapades with Natasha. Others might call it addiction. Semantics really. But that's where I was tonight. Twitter...

Oh,I should also mention I don’t consider myself a guy who buys prostitutes. My relationship with Natasha isn’t like that. Our relationship is tricky. But I’m different than her johns. Or so I tell myself— I'm getting side-tracked again.

It's about 8pm and I'm about an hour deep into porn gifs and video clips on Twitter when I see a pretty famous porn star doing the face app challenge.

Well, she’s famous to me. Her post:

30yrs from now will you still want to fuck me?

Below the bold question is her old face pic. The post is viral of course, countless comments. But I don’t weigh in; I never comment or like porn posts. I just scroll, but I appreciate your content, trust me, I do. And truth is I may want to fuck you at age 60, just depends on where I am in life more than what you look like. Personality is sexy. More than looks. Confidence in the way one looks is sexy as fuck…but now I’m drifting again. Point is, it made me remember the face app...

I opened the play store again and resumed the download.


Better dead than Red. Yeah? If only that saying had stayed in fashion. I know they're not the "Soviet Union" anymore, but a devil by any other name would still be as sinister. If only we had listened to Yuri Bezmenov's warning. Don’t know him? Google. That and the four stages. Unless Google is gone by the time you're reading this. But in that case it’s too late anyway. Yuri the defector was right...sort of. They've been trying to bring us down for a long time. The newest seeds were planted in the 80s with the mail order brides, as I said earlier. True, not all mail order brides are Russian, but looking back, they were the start.

Turns out that a big portion of those Russian wives were hungry for something more than citizenship and money from lonely American men. Don't get me wrong. I’m sure some were decent people. Great people even. There are always decent people in all circumstances and walks in life. But like the Face App, a lot of these women in the 80s were not "true" mail order brides. They were sleeper cells.

Success makes people fat and lazy. And America was successful. Hunger never sleeps though. Hunger is always vigilant. AND patient. We barely noticed the wolves as they crept in and studied us. Now it's 2019 and they are ready for the kill.

This is not just about giving Russian-bots access to you personal data. This is about total enslavement. A pounding like America has never seen before! It may be too late, but we have to try. If you're not willing to try, you might as well grab the lube and get ready for your pounding.

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