Erotic Horror Excerpt


Ghost was only half-aware of the dust clouds blowing past the window as Dean drove. She wasn’t seeing the desert or thinking about business; she was imagining a tropical island resort. She let the rumble of the tires lull her further into the daydream. Her senses drifted, and the sound of the highway melted into a new background of exotic birds chirping and the rushing of fresh, blue waterfalls. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool. One day soon this wouldn’t be just a fantasy; it would be the reward Dean had promised her for all their hard work.

She’d climbed onto the back of Dean’s motorcycle the day senior year ended, didn't even make it to the graduation ceremony. Everyone in the small town of Sierra Vista knew Dean made his money buying and selling drugs, but Ghost didn’t care. She felt alive and safe with him. And after three years of hustlin’ together, they had reached their bankroll goal.

The car slowed, and when the crunching gravel stopped, Ghost opened her eyes and returned to the present. Rodrigo’s large estate  loomed, the only structure on this particular strip of desert between Tombstone and Nogales. It was a lovely house and ranch, but Ghost was happy to know this would be their last time visiting. She had nothing against Rodrigo—it was always a fun time with him—but Dean and her were not true players in the game, even Sonny couldn't compete. For Rodrigo the game was his life. For them it was just a means to an end. 

She looked at Dean. His forearm flexed as he turned off the engine, and the familiar warm ache returned to her pelvis. That feeling had helped her continue the lifestyle these last three years. It was the power and money about the deals that turned Ghost on. Not the drugs. They could be fun to a point, but she could drop them at a moment's notice. Long as the money and power remained in their lives.

Ghost looked to the back seat at the same time Sonny passed the duffel bag forward to Dean.

“Double check my math,” Sonny said. Then Ghost watched his eyes move to her, hungry eyes.

His attention further fueled the buzzing warmth in her crouch and she held his gaze for a long second before looking away. Ghost didn’t feel the least bit guilty about sending him a few vibes of false hope. It was that power trip again. She smiled, wondering what Sonny would give to be a part of their post-deal celebration. Then she wondered if they’d even still hang out with Sonny after their days of dealing were over. They’d always worked as a trio. But from day one, Dean had introduced her to Sonny as his business partner, and it always seemed more like a loyal business partnership for them than a true friendship.

She watched Dean’s muscles as he sorted through the money in the bag. “Looks good to me,” Dean said, passing the bag back. “Remember. Nothing changes. We don’t mention our retirement. This is just another exchange as always. Right?”

“Right,” said Sonny.

“Yes, sir.” Ghost smiled, almost calling him daddy, finding she was getting a little caught up in the excitement. It felt dirty to use that word and there was certainly no redeeming qualities about her own father, but for some reason with Dean it felt okay to be a little dirty. He was their leader, and oh boy did she loved watching the father of their trio take control in situations.

“All right then,” Dean said. “Let’s do this.”


As always, they sat on three couches arranged in a loose triangle around a large wood and glass coffee table. Rodrigo on one couch, Dean and Sonny on the second, and Ghost on the third. The large living room usually reeked of weed from where Rodrigo entertained his company, but tonight the potent aroma smelled different. More like incense than weed. Ghost couldn’t tell if it was from the blunt Rodrigo had just lit or residue from something burned earlier.

Rodrigo took two deep drags. “We didn’t have stuff like this when I was a kid.” He released a thick cloud. “Cross breed to twenty percent THC nowadays.”

“Potent as fuck.” Sonny laughed and Ghost could see him eyeing that blunt.

Rodrigo nodded. “Twenty percent ain’t shit anymore though. Dispensaries are on our fucking asses with medical grade. Thirty percent THC and probably higher.” He drew a third puff and held it as he passed the blunt to Dean.

Dean accepted and took a small hit, which was the signal that Sonny and her could also both partake if they wanted. “Well, our customers are happy. Is the deal not working for you anymore?”

“No, it's working...” Then Rodrigo’s eyes got a sparkle to them and he leaned forward. “But what if I got my hands on something really big? Pocket ten times what you’re making now. Would you be interested?”

Dean passed the blunt to Sonny who was near drooling when it got to him. Dean looked to Ghost; she wasn’t sure what to do, so she nodded. If this was the finale, a little extra money wouldn’t hurt.

“Yeah. We’d be down," Dean said. "What’s the product?”

Rodrigo laughed a bit. “Amoladora. Means Grinder. And it’s… How to describe it…?” His eyes took on a glaze.

Sonny let loose a cloud of thick smoke and passed the blunt to Ghost. She held the smoking wrap. It was definitely weed, but there was something else, just below the skunky green smell. Though she couldn’t identify the odor, it still reminded her of the first time she’d met Rodrigo. The first time she’d sat on this couch and got high on the weed and the rush of watching Dean work. The only thing missing was Lupita, Rodrigo’s woman. She was usually here. Now that Ghost thought of it, there were usually the bodyguards too, back near the kitchen. Everyone was missing today.

Ghost took a deep puff, holding the smoke, until her chest burned. Upon exhaling, her tits tingled and burned as warmth raided from her heart. It took a moment to steady herself, before handing the blunt back to Rodrigo. He accepted it although he still seemed deep in thought.

Damn that hit hard, Ghost thought.

“Grinder is like nothing you’ve seen before,” Rodrigo said. “Molly don’t come close. But…it’s powerful. And one must be careful—”

A chorus of moans floated down the staircase. Ghost had never heard Lupita’s sex voice, but she felt positive that it was Rodrigo’s woman upstairs who was responsible for the cries of pleasure.

A grin spread across Rodrigo’s tan face, exposing several gold teeth. “What can I say, we got a little greedy, tested it out.”

Ghost felt a flush sweep over her body. She flashed a look at Dean. This must be how Sonny had felt the day he’d caught a glimpse of Ghost going down on Dean in the front seat. That had been the day she’d gotten super high and super hot after a big transaction. That day was the reason why Sonny now gave her the hungry eyes.

Rodrigo tapped the blunt’s ash on the wooden table, seemingly oblivious to the fact there was no ashtray. Then, from his shirt pocket he retrieved a small vial and placed it on the table. Ghost stared at the vial of red liquid.

“What’s the active ingredient?” Dean asked, studying the vial.

“In Sonora, there’s a toad. With glands that spray DMT for defense—”

“That’s where the whole toad licking thing came from?” Sonny’s eyes now looked at the vial with the same intensity he’d eyed the blunt with.


Rodrigo nodded.

“So Grinder is a form of animal poison?” Dean asked.

The stairs creaked and soft footsteps padded down. Lupita appeared, staggering to the couch in a sundress, her hair tousled, her small feet shoeless. She stopped with a jerk and sat close to Ghost. Her body smelled like sex.


“Not exactly animal poison.” Rodrigo leaned over and gave the blunt to Lupita. “Like DMT, Grinder can be made with the aid of living organisms. It was a secret I... recently acquired.”

Lupita let loose a cloud and Ghost noticed that everyone’s gaze had shifted to her. In that moment, she also became aware that her head was floating in a way it hadn’t in years. Her heart was racing.


She wasn’t buzzing; she was fucking stoned. Too stoned. They all were. Even Rodrigo now that she analyzed it. Everyone was disjointed, and she was positive that they were all moving at half-speed.

Or am I just being paranoid?

After a puff, Lupita stood shakily and offered the weed to Dean. Dean leaned back and declined with a wave of his hand. He must have noticed it too.

He’s trying to sober up.

This had never happened before on a deal. A good buzz yes, but not this kind of high. Everyone was acting so weird. Lupita was sporting ‘sex’ hair’ and Rodrigo was being suspect with his new product pitch.

“That small bottle...” Rodrigo pointed to the tiny red vial on the table. “You can make a grand from that alone.”

“A grand? From that?”

Si. One drop and it’s an aphrodisiac. Two drops and you’ll hump anything that moves.” Rodrigo erupted in laughter. When he quieted, his face grew a bit somber. “Never do more than two drops. There was a reason they kept it a secret.” He looked to Lupita who was back on the sofa, but shifting restlessly.

Ghost tried to focus on her breathing, while something happening in her stomach and chest fought for her attention. A blooming heat with a warmth that was triple what she had felt before swelled in her core. The electric warmth branched out, crawling its way both up into her ears and down into her loins.

“Come.” Rodrigo rose at a snail’s pace. He steadied himself before stepping out of the triangle of couches. "Let me show you"

Dean stood but his moves were jerky and Ghost could tell he was fighting to keep his composure. Sonny followed next, moving just as strained.

“You stay with Lupita.” Rodrigo looked to Ghost.

“Sure," Ghost stammered, not sure why she was so scared.

Ghost felt Lupita’s hand on her thigh. “Bueno,” the woman whispered.

Ghost tried to keep the anxiety from her face.

“Okay. It’s in the basement.” Rodrigo pointed across the room to an open door at the north end of the house.

“Lead the way,” Dean said.

The men left, and Ghost felt Lupita’s weight shift as the woman leaned closer. Ghost stared at the carmel-colored skin and manicured nails of Lupita's thin hand.

“Shhh.” Lupita stroked her leg.

Ghost took deep breaths, allowing Lupita’s touch to calm her. When she opened her eyes, the anxiety was gone. And oddly, as she stared at the woman’s hand, Ghost found herself wondering how Lupita took such good care of herself while Rodrigo was a bit of a slob. When Lupita’s delicate hand began massaging her thigh harder, the electricity it created in her body hindered much productive thought. Her last realization was that this drug deal had gotten very strange. Nothing like this had ever happened in the past. The smoked, bullshitted for a minute, and then left with the goods. Always. Yet she ignored the questions this turn of events caused  and allowed herself to focus on the electric waves that traveled through her jeans and into her pussy instead.


So weird…but so nice.

A part of Ghost wanted to push Lupita’s hand away, but instead she closed her eyes and that part of her struggling to resist fell further from her mind. In her memory, Ghost replayed the incident with Sonny in the car again. They’d just flipped a shipment for five thousand. And they knew it wouldn’t be long until they had the final ten thousand needed to invest in legal real estate. It’d been their biggest score to date and Dean had pulled over before they even got home and double-checked the bag. After seeing the money, mixed with the blunt buzz she had going, Ghost had lost her head a bit that day. She’d forgotten all about Sonny in the backseat.

To Ghost, it was just her and Dean. She had slid the duffel bag aside and reached for his pants. Dean hadn’t attempted to stop her. She smiled, tugging down his pants, bringing his cock into view. She’d enjoyed his flesh for a good minute before she heard the audible swallowing and shifting in the back seat. She looked back to see Sonny, jaw slack, eyes wide, staring over the seat at them.


Instead of embarrassment, it’d given her a surge of power. She took her time sliding her lips off Dean’s erection, wiping away a strand of saliva while giving Sonny a succubus smile.


The soft voice broke her through her memory. Ghost opened her eyes and felt the warmth of Lupita’s finger tips against her lips. “I see why they call you that. Your skin is so smooth and so pale.” 

Ghost swallowed hard. This was wrong. Very wrong. She was being pulled deep into Lupita’s green almond eyes. This weed was tainted! That was the only explanation.

“What’s happening?”

“Something wonderful. Can’t you feel it?” Lupita’s hands slipped from Ghost’s lips and slid down her neck and across the left strap of her tank top. Lupita turned her fingers so her shiny red nails scraped lightly down Ghost’s arm. “Come upstairs. Bruno is upstairs.” She gripped Ghost’s hand.

Ghost opened her mouth, but the words wouldn’t fall out. “N-n-n…” Ghost shook her head while a million emotions bubbled up inside her. She was aware of Dean, of the job they had to finish.

“Please. I want to show you something. Bruno and I have something to give you.” Lupita stood, swaying slightly.

Ghost allowed herself to be pulled up from the couch, the crotch of her jeans soaked with heat. “Lupita… think about Rodrigo. Dean…” Her voice was losing strength. She knew something was wrong. Maybe this was Grinder, but why had they drugged them? For sex? Rodrigo and Lupita were a power couple, but never presented themselves as swingers.

Without answers, and not enough will to say no, Ghost was dragged forward and up the stairs. Lupita held her hands, trying to walk backwards, stumbling often. Ghost’s eyes transfixed on her bouncing cleavage heaving against the low cut of her sundress. Halfway up the steps Ghost hated herself for losing control. This must be how a sex addict feels. Every fiber craving lust. Needing to cum for the sheer sake of cumming.

Ghost found her voice somehow. “Why did you drug us?”

“We’d never get you in bed otherwise.” Her eyes flashed. "We need you."

They were across the landing now and Lupita just laughed, delirious. She opened the door to the first bedroom on the left and yanked Ghost inside. Ghost almost fell, steadying herself first against Lupita, then pulling away when she found herself wanting to bury her face into the woman’s full breasts, like some male teenage horndog. She looked around the lavished room trying to shake the feel of Lupita’s hard nipples, peaking those full breasts, that had poked into Ghost’s own tits when Lupita caught her.

“I’ll watch but that’s all.” Saying it out loud helped reassure her mentally.

A love sofa sat a few feet from an enormous four-post bed. Carved of elegant dark wood, the white bedding was a bright contrast against it. The sofa was white, and the floor was a black-stained hardwood. A few paintings, gothic almost, like they belonged in a castle, filled the walls.

As Ghost calmed herself, her eyes focused on the sofa, noticing Bruno the bodyguard for the first time. It was jarring to see him naked except for his gun shoulder holster. He held a huge cock at attention and was slowly rubbing it as Lupita pushed Ghost closer.

Ghost pushed back, resisting Lupita's playful prodding.

Lupita giggled. “Okay. Have it your way. Just watch. For now…” And with that, she walked past Ghost and dropped her sun dress about her ankles. She stepped out revealing a toned and beautifully light brown body. Her breasts fit her body perfectly, larger than average, but not too big. Erect nipples popped up from large dark areola.

Ghost watched Lupita tie back her hair, then prance over to Bruno. She flashed a devilish smile then sunk to her knees and began sucking the tip of Bruno’s large cock. Lupita eyed Ghost as she sucked, and a charge went through her. This was how Dean felt when he watched Ghost go down on him. Or perhaps it was more like how Sonny was feeling that day in the backseat. A dirty voyeur, a fly on the wall. This was beyond watching a porno. This was real life. It was people she knew.

Before realizing it, Ghost had her pants unbuttoned and two fingers deep inside her wet pussy as she watched them. 


Dean was halfway down the basement stairs, and already he knew he was in trouble. He just didn’t know how bad it was yet. He’d watched Rodrigo puff on the same blunt as he had, so it couldn’t be laced with poison. Which meant it was just super potent weed. That was all. He needed to chill the fuck out. Dean held the banister to steady himself as they entered the basement.

He tried to mask the spacey confusion in his head and remind himself that he’d been in this basement before. Nothing weird was gonna happen to him or Sonny. Then he saw the form—

“Jesus Christ, Rodrigo! Is that Ivan?”

Rodrigo sighed, turned slowly, nodding. “I’m finding Grinder is not something to play with.” He gestured to the naked figure that hung from the thick western style beams running the length of the basement ceiling. A red rope was around the naked man’s neck. “Too late for Ivan now. Too late for all of them I think.” Rodrigo’s eyes look mad, his laugh was breathy. “You though… you’re both okay. Come. I must show you.”

Dean felt Sonny’s hand on his shoulder. “I don’t feel right. What the fuck did he do to us? You hear me, Rodrigo?” Sonny’s voice trembled.

“Sonny. Cool it,” Dean whispered.

“Fuck that. There’s a dead guy hanging from the ceiling and he's acting like it's no big deal!”

Sonny advanced, but Dean grabbed his arm. “Enough.”

Dean wanted to run too, but his body seemed to move to the will of someone else, something else. He found himself moving forward, drawn as if by the Pied Piper. Dean took a wide path around the swaying figure that had once been a bodyguard. Despite the distance he tried to achieve, Dean couldn’t pull his eyes away from Ivan’s purple face. The man’s dick was still erect, and a wet spot stained the floor below him. A chair was toppled over a few feet away. It looked like a sex act gone wrong, not a suicide.

“Fuck that,” Sonny said.

Dean looked back and Sonny was sitting on the ground.

“I’m not going anywhere. I feel like… like. I can’t…” Sonny started rubbing his crotch.

One drop is an aphrodisiac. Two drops and you’ll hump anything that moves, he remembered Rodrigo's description of Grinder.

“What did you do to us, Rodrigo?”

“I am making you a part of history.” Rodrigo smiled. “This is the future of the drug trade. Be honest, do you not love the sensation it gives you?”

“You did drug us! What the fuck, Rodrigo!”

Rodrigo raised his hands, calmly, then he gestured to the open door behind him, the lone room in the basement. “Come now. I can explain.”

Dean’s gut was telling him to run, to fight the ecstasy pulsing through his body. To maintain and not give into animal lust.

“I need your help. We keep it in the dungeon. It felt most appropriate.”


Ghost leaned against the door frame, breathing heavy, as she caressed her wet slit. She watched Lupita leave thick gobs of spit on Bruno’s impressive cock, then stand up and turn her back to him. Ghost met her gaze and maintained contact as Lupita sat back on Bruno. She brought her feet up to the couch cushions and hovered over Bruno’s engorged member. She took hold of the stiff rod and slowly lowered her ass. Lupita guided Bruno, sliding him into her tight hole. Neither woman broke the stare and Ghost could sense Lupita’s ecstasy as she finally sat flush against Bruno’s lap, her asshole having taken his entire length. Ghost breathed in time with the expressions of pain and pleasure that rolled over Lupita’s face.

Lupita leaned further back against Bruno and looked down, watching his cock penetrate her ass as she fingered herself. Ghost continued to stare as Lupita slapped and rubbed her short brown pussy lips. A vibrating moan emanated from Lupita's throat and Ghost saw the woman’s face flush. Then her head snapped up and Lupita stared into Ghost’s eyes. She lifted a finger, wet with pussy juice, and beckoned to Ghost.

Ghost’s shook her head no. Yet despite the refusal, somehow, she was moving like mist over the hardwood floor toward them anyway. The wood was hard on her knees when she lowered herself and crawled between Bruno’s legs. She could smell the musky scent of his sweaty skin and was mesmerized this close up by Bruno’s fat meat pole sinking in then out of Lupita’s ass.

Lupita spread her pussy lips and beckoned Ghost again. Ghost could imagine the hot wet folds of Lupita’s vagina against her mouth, but she couldn’t actually make it happen. This was crazy. Where was Dean? Her head was airy; what if she was hallucinating right now?

“Please,” Lupita said, rubbing her clit, continuing to open and close her pink hole.

Ghost leaned forward on her hands and knees, but hesitated again.

“Please.” Lupita's voice built in volume. She was now throwing herself down against Bruno’s lap, impaling her ass on his cock. Drool started to form at her mouth as her body convulsed. Something dark filled the puckering opening of her vagina. Ghost gasped, her own legs wobbled, and she started to back away.

“Ohh…Please...” Lupita shook wildly and let loose a massive wail. 

A fountain of orgasmic fluid shot from under her clit, splashing against the wood floor. Ghost scrambled away as the fluid slid towards her. Meanwhile, Lupita collapsed onto Bruno’s stomach.

Ghost had never seen a woman squirt before and while she didn’t want to get her face drenched, she still marveled at how Lupita had reached a level of total ecstasy, seemingly losing all control of her muscles, squirting like a man.

Despite her initial fear, the sight now made her hot again. Bruno was still pounding away and Lupita shook like a rag doll. Ghost closed her eyes and explored herself again. Then Bruno grunted loudly. Ghost opened her eyes when she heard Lupita hit the floor. The woman fell into her own orgasmic puddle of ejaculate and piss.

My God, she orgasmed herself into unconsciousness.

That’s when Ghost saw  something on the floor sliding back toward Lupita’s vagina.

Ghost felt queasy, all ecstasy had momentarily left her. What the fuck was that thing? Had that sprayed out of Lupita? Was that what the form she had seen? Ghost felt helpless to look away from the pink tumor-looking tissue, a piece of animated meat. Scrunching up its wrinkled body and inching forward like a demented worm.

She pushed it out when she squirted! That thing was inside her and she was gonna spray it into my mouth. Now it’s trying to return before it dies! It sounded crazy, but that was how the puzzle seemed to be assembling itself inside her drugged-out mind.

Fighting the haze, Ghost buttoned her pants and pushed her hair back, then took one last look. The squishy organ was now pushing against Lupita’s labia. Lupita herself remained unconscious. Ghost’s gaze found Bruno, sitting on the couch, panting hard, a frantic look in his eyes. He stroked his cock, staring back at Ghost. Then he came, and streams of cum dribbled out of his mushroom tip.

Bruno grunted, but it sounded more pained than pleased. He smeared the semen across his chest and went right back to jerking his cock. A disgusted look of compulsion filled his face, but he didn’t stop stroking. Ghost looked down at her wet fingers and smelt her sex. She knew what he was feeling. She’d succumbed to it too, an uncontrollable sexual force.

And that thing! How was that creature involved? And why had they’d tried to infect her with it!

She glanced again and the tumor-looking organism was gone.

“Aggghhh.” Bruno must have climaxed. She turned back to him, but saw no semen this time. It was as if his pipes had been drained of cum though his libido had not diminished. He staggered to his feet and Ghost ran into the hallway, slamming the door shut.

“Dean!” She bolted towards the basement door.


End of Excerpt

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