A Quickie with Kristopher Triana

Nikki Noir (NN): What’s your darkest fantasy? And why will you never act it out in real life?


Kristopher Triana (KT): BDSM sex with Julianne Moore and Lindsay Lohan. Can't live it out because they won't return my calls... yet.


NN: We all have a guilty pleasure. What’s the movie, television program, or music you’re a bit embarrassed of?


KT: I love '80s hair metal. It only embarrasses me because it reveals how old I am.


NN: If you could collaborate with any small press author on a project, who would it be and why?


KT: Oh, so many talents. John McNee would be a good one. Chad Stroup and I collaborated on a novelette for Chiral Mad 4, and we're talking about working together on another project.


NN: Tell us about your latest project or work in progress 


KT: I'm currently writing a novel titled Gone to See the River Man. It's about two sisters on a dark journey downriver. The next novel to be published will be an extreme one called Toxic Love, which is about the perversions of a crime scene cleanup crew. That one comes out on Valentine's Day through Blood Bound Books


NN: Of all the character’s you’ve created, do you have a favorite and why?


KT: Probably Kim White from Full Brutal. I wanted to create a character who was horror incarnate. She's the result of that.


NN: What’s your favorite philosophical quote or phrase to live by?


KT: "That's what being a man is like—making mistakes and not caring." - Al Bundy