While I love reading the heavyweight authors like  Palahniuk, King, and Gaiman, I have been extremely fortunate to stumble upon some fantastic small press authors and publishers. In the last year I realized how much cool stuff never makes it into physical book stores because it's produced by small presses, and that's a damn shame because a lot of it is brilliant! It's true that some of the independent stuff sucks the big one, but I'm gonna do my best to share the winners in this industry. They've really encouraged me to share my passion online and even inspired me to try writing my own fiction.

So Below are a few companies I've really enjoyed and a link to their titles. I'll update the list as I find more and more reputable publishers.


ehp_banner9 copy.png
2379332_0 (1).jpg

Without a doubt the weirdest and coolest covers and titles I've ever seen

Extreme horror! They do a ton of Ed Lee stuff! If you don't yet know what a header is, start there...

John Skipp is the head editor! Need I say more?

Got turned on to these guys after reading a short story by Betty Rocksteady


These guys have a horror imprint for young adults called Past Curfew Press--how cool!


Some of the best anthologies I've ever read! Night Terrors III & D.O.A. III, you won't be disappointed