A Quickie with Evan Romero

Nikki Noir (NN): What’s your darkest fantasy? And why will you never act it out in real life?

Evan Romero (EV): I’d like to develop a virus with a one hundred percent mortality rate, unleash it upon the world and wipe out the entire human race. This’ll never happen because a) I’m not smart enough to develop a virus, and b) I’m too lazy to become smart enough to develop a virus.

NN: What real-world environment is most terrifying to you?


EV: Anywhere there are too many people and no way to escape.

NN: If you could collaborate with any small press author on a project, who would it be and why?


EV: T. E. Grau, who is a writer I enjoy and respect. While the horror we write is at opposite ends of the spectrum (his leans more toward Lovecraftian/weird/cosmic), I think we’d be able to slap the best of both worlds together and create something truly awe-inspiring, gag-inducing, and laugh-producing. Or, we’d just sit around arguing over who is better: Ghost or Motorhead.

NN: Tell us about your latest project or work in progress 

EV: I’ve turned my focus to short stories, mostly been jotting down ideas for them and scribbling rough outlines. Nothing really set in stone at the moment.

NN: Of all the characters you’ve created, do you have a favorite and why?


EV: Probably Gavin Barker from the first novella I ever wrote titled EXIT TO NOWHERE, which will probably never see the light of day—at least not without a serious overhaul. Gavin’s a very antagonistic misanthrope who still manages to be endearing and likeable.

NN: What’s your favorite philosophical quote or phrase to live by?

JP: “All things are nothing to me.” –Max Stirner

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