A Quickie with Christine Morgan

Nikki Noir (NN): What’s your darkest fantasy? And why will you never act it out in real life?


Christine Morgan (CM): Total world-domination-type supervillainy. When I was a kid, the other girls wanted to be Disney princesses, while Maleficent was my personal role-model. The bit in Lord of the Rings when Galadriel goes all scary with the "you would have a Queen, beautiful and terrible as the morning and the night, all shall love me and despair" ... yeah, that sounded pretty good to me, but then she turns it down. Sheesh. Obviously, the lack of ultimate power gets in the way of ever achieving any of that, more's the pity. I'd misuse it terribly, I'm sure. 












NN: We all have a guilty pleasure. What’s the movie, television program, or music you’re a bit embarrassed of?


CM: I have a serious weakness for big budget cheesy stupid disaster movies with overwrought schmaltzy soundtracks. Independence Day, Armageddon, those kinds of things. I've also watched all the Sharknado movies. 













NN: If you could collaborate with any small press author on a project, who would it be and why? 


CM: He probably doesn't count as small press, or certainly shouldn't... but Edward Lee, hands down. I'm already kind of there; he lets me play with his toys, he's been hugely enthusiastic and supportive of my writing, and he puts me to work doing some edits and proofreading for him. So, collaboration seems like a logical next step! Get more infor at www.edwardleeonline.com



NN: Tell us about your latest project or work in progress 

CM: Well, speaking of Edward Lee, he granted me permission to do a sequel to his book Lucifer's Lottery, which is called Lakehouse Infernal and will be coming out in 2019 from Deadite Press. 


And, just today, my psychic detective thriller type thing called Caged went live on Smashwords!






I'll have a collection of zombie stories out soon from Death's Head Press, and am about to begin a deep-sea chompy chompy called Trench Mouth.



NN: Of all the character’s you’ve created, do you have favorite and why?

CM: Oh, there's way too many ... I can't even pick a favorite book, let alone a favorite character ... Spencer Bodean from Spermjackers stands out, of course; that foul-mouthed little jerk was based on a character I played in an online RPG ... Sven Bloodhair, who's just the cuddliest Viking ... Rachel from Murder Girls ... too many!



NN: What’s your favorite philosophical quote or phrase to live by?


CM: "It's for RESEARCH!" You can get away with a lot for the sake of research. Weird questions, dubious search engine histories, bizarre hobbies ... if I can't have evil Galadriel's "All shall love me and despair," then research will do.

Be sure to check out more of Christine's work here!

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