“Tilt your head, eyes at me. Good… Try spreading your ass a little bit more.”


Lily shifted her weight, one hand supporting her on the couch cushion between Dean’s legs, the other hand moving to her backside and pulling up on her firm ass cheek.


“Perfect.” Tom knelt, depressing the shutter on his camera. Multiple frames snapped as Lily pouted and teased, hovering over the boner jutting up from Dean’s crotch. Despite the warm flesh against that occasionally touched her lips during the various poses, Lily kept her attention focused beyond Dean’s purple mushroom-head to Tom’s camera, doing her best to eye-fuck the wide lens.  


Tom moved closer. “Can you go sideways? Teeth on cock.” He looked up. “Dean, you okay with teeth? It’s all surface, for aesthetics. No pressure applied.”


“Gnaw away.” Dean laughed, his meaty hand around the base of his cock.


Lily narrowed her eyes on Tom.


“What?” Tom mouthed, then: “No sex. Just touch.”


Tom was right, of course, this type of contact was all agreed on and included in her fee. But history from the past year had shown Lily that Tom would try to get as much as he could for the photo shoot-only price, so she needed to be careful, stay firm if he pushed too far.


“Teeth it is.” Lily smiled, reminding herself it wasn’t that bad. Remaining still may have been a bigger pain in the ass than the few videos she’d filmed—and less fun if she was being honest—but she did feel more in control with photoshoots than video, even when there was penetration. And control was something she valued, especially now that it was absent from almost every facet of her life.


Allowing herself to fall back into character, Lily turned her head and leaned back against Dean’s tensed abs for support. She let go of her ass, brought her hand forward, and slid it under Dean’s, replacing his grip on his cock with her own. Lily pulled back on his thick penis, bringing it against her teeth as she smiled into the camera. Then she opened her jaws and closed them gently on the top and bottom of his meaty shaft. Behind and above her, she could hear Dean’s breathing.


Damn he was hard. Lily could feel a steady pulse throbbing between her teeth and she got a surge of confidence. She imagined it was taking everything in Dean’s power not to grab her hair and force his cock down her throat. Good, she thought. She’d gladly throat him, Tom just had to cough up the money. Lily suppressed a laugh, transferring the new-found energy to her eyes, seducing the concave lens.


“Got it.” Tom stood and put down the camera.


Lily smiled and gave Dean a playful slap on his thigh as she sat up from his stomach. In return, he leaned over and gave Lily a soft kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, love.”


“Any time.” Lily walked to the kitchen, taking her robe off the high back of one of the bar chairs and sitting down next to… Oh, shit, what was her name? Bridgette?


Lily smiled at the other model, not about to ask for her name again. Bridgette, if she was correct, nodded, then took another swig from the Budweiser bottle in her hand. She pointed to the single beer left in the six-pack cartoon Tom had brought.


“No thanks.” Lily had been annoyed at Tom when she saw the beer. He was supposed to be professional. But she was angrier at herself, because she wanted to say yes. Even better, she wanted to say: get this piss water out of here and bring in some margaritas…or mimosas. Unfortunately, drinks were not going to help anymore, not that they ever did. Each time she sobered up, the danger was still biting at her heels.


Watching Bridgette chug the rest of the bottle was a helpful deterrent from drinking herself. The inked flesh of Bridgette’s throat, undulating as she swallowed, was not an attractive sight to Lily. Following her neck line down, Lily caught herself staring at Bridgette’s fake tits, which were still exposed between the folds of her robe. The two perfect bubbles sat high on her chest, painful-looking tattoos of spiderwebs surrounding the dark, sensitive areola’s.  Bridgette had been hired for the first set of photos Tom shot—the rougher poses. Bridgette was being paid extra, Lily was sure of it, but she didn’t care. She had no desire to be fake-choked or hold a pose where gagging drool, tears, and expressions of discomfort were encouraged by Tom and the cock stuffed deep in one of her three orifices.


As stupid as it sounded, Lily tried to keep everything she did as classy as possible. Bridgette on the other hand seemed built for sleazy porn. And her photos would be marketed on the male fetish sites and magazines. Lily had been hired as the sensuous side. Guys would still get off to her, but Lily’s photos would be shared mostly on the female channels. Reminding herself of this helped get her through the tough days. It wasn’t that an adult actress should ever feel ashamed, but Lily had never planned on any of this. The money was quick and that’s exactly as what she needed, but she knew there were consequences on the horizon, fall out that could possibly come back to haunt her in the future.


True. But without this money. I won’t have a future…

Tom finished putting away his camera equipment, then retrieved two envelopes from the case. “Sure I can’t interest any of you in a quick blowjob scene for an extra fifty?”


“Mate, I’ll do it for thirty-five.” Dean laughed from the couch, holding and twirling his still-erect cock.


“Two hundred.” Tiffany stood up from the chair, trying to keep the eagerness from her voice. “That’s the price we’ve always done.”

“I know, I know. But I’m trying to work a deal.” Electronic jiggling erupted from Tom’s pocket and he reached into his pants. “I ain’t got two hundred in cash—”


“A piece,” Lily reminded him. She looked at Bridgette and smiled, thankful to see that the woman’s face appeared a bit kinder. It was difficult to read a woman’s expression when she had metal balls studded into four cardinal points of her face, two thick bars through her lower lip and one through her septum, not to mention the tattoos.


Tom put up his hand. “Hang on. I gotta take this,” he said, looking at the screen of his phone then bringing it to his ear. “Yeah?....Shit.” Tom looked up at them with inquisitive eyes. “Yeah, might be able to swing that. How much?” He paused. “Understood.” Tom ended the call and slid the phone back into his pocket.


Looking at Bridgette he said, “You interested in a job tonight?”


“Not for fifty bucks.” Bridgette wrapped the robe closer, covering her tits.


Lily was glad to hear she would stick to a respectable price despite her appearance. From the corner of her eye, Lily noticed Dean quietly moving from the couch to get dressed, likely realizing he wasn’t going to get sucked or fucked today.


“How about for two grand?”


“Two grand? How many dicks do I gotta fit in my ass for that kind of green?”


“They didn’t say, but does it matter? It’s two K for only two hours’ worth of work.”


“True. For two thousand, I’m willing to stuff Shane Diesel up my ass.” Bridgette pulled off her robe and started dressing. “Where’s the gig?”


Tom put the envelopes on the kitchen island and took a business card from his wallet. “East Valley. About an hour from here.” He scribbled something on the back of the card.


Lily felt her face burning. “Do they need two girls?”


Tom shook his head. “They want someone all emo and gothed-out.”


Bridgette buttoned her jeans and glared at him. “I’m not fucking gothic… or emo.”


“Alt model. Whatever you want to call it. You got tattoos, and that fuck-off rockstar look. You’ll do just fine.”


Bridgette shrugged and pulled on a tight boy’s v-neck, then stepped into her flip-flops. “Fuck it. For two grand I’ll be Elvira if you want.”


“Great. Here…” Tom handed the card to Bridgette. He picked up one envelope from the island. “Thanks, Lily.”


Lily took the envelope, opened, and gave it a quick count. The money was all there, but it felt lighter now that she’d lost an opportunity to Bridgette. She stuffed the envelope into her purse and finished dressing in silence, debating the pros and cans of voicing her feelings out loud. What the actual fuck though? Tom had known her a hell of a lot longer than this new girl, and he knew she needed the extra cash.

“Sorry, Lily. Next time I hear of something you’re a fit for, you’ll be my first call. You know that.” He leaned over and gave her a hug.


She offered little effort in her return squeeze. “Okay. Thanks.”


End of Excerpt

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