"Nikki Noir is a sultry new voice in erotic horror, one you should watch as closely as a black widow in your bed sheets." 

~ Kristopher Triana, Splatterpunk award-winning author

"Every public restroom should have a scrawled message on its wall that says: 'For a good time READ Nikki Noir!'"


- John McNee, author of Prince of Nightmares


"Sometimes it can be difficult to find a fresh, unique voice within the ever-growing population of new horror authors. Noir not only slices her way to the front of the line, but leaves behind a trail of memorable words written within a bludgeoning stain on the cracked skull of the reader.”

- K. Trap Jones, author of The Drunken Exorcist and The Big Bad



Petite Mort is my unique brand of horror available on Godless Horrors! The platform allows me to showcase my serialized work and short stories in the format I want--uncut and uncensored! 

New stories drop on the 8th of every month!